Spider-Man's Kraven Spin-Off Movie Receives Encouraging Updates

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kraven, Tom Holland's Spider-Man

After the staggering commercial successes of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home in addition to the upcoming release of Morbius, Sony Pictures is riding a superhero high. Luckily for the studio, it has several projects in development for the Sony Spider-Man Universe, including the Olivia Wilde-directed Spider-Woman movie and Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter film.

The move to pursue the classic Spider-Man villain in his own solo flick surprised many, especially when word spread by Tom Holland that Kraven was intended to feature in No Way Home if the Multiversal plans fell through. Even more surprising was the casting of the lead star himself, with Taylor-Johnson making the hop from his superheroic role of Quicksilver to another.

Little is known about the film's narrative, but rumblings indicate that comic book characters Chameleon and Calypso will be included in the feature.

Now, more rumors provide an exciting update about when Kraven the Hunter will begin filming.

Sony's Kraven Set to Start Filming Soon

Kraven, Aaron Taylor Johnson

According to Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse, production on Kraven the Hunter will begin soon, stating that filming is set to commence within the next month in the U.K.

Lead actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson was also reported to have put in the work for his role, with the actor bulking up significantly to match the strapping physique of Kraven.

A Muscular Foe for Spider-Man

An impending start date for filming bodes well for Kraven the Hunter to meet its release next year but does strike quite odd considering how little is known about the upcoming project.

Casting details have been tight-lipped, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson currently the only actor confirmed to be attached to the project and Jodie Turner-Smith only rumored to join. With production fast approaching, more details about Sony's mysterious movie should be revealed soon.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's commitment to embodying the character is also clearly shown, matching the transformations many other actors have had to undergo to take on their superhero roles. As Murphy mentions, Taylor-Johnson's efforts are undoubtedly to match the impressive strength of Kraven from the comics, who was amplified to even greater levels of beefcake thanks to Calypso's magic. 

From the sounds of it, Kraven should prove to be an imposing foe for Tom Holland's Spider-Man if they ever cross paths

Kraven the Hunter releases in theaters on January 13, 2023.

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