Marvel's WandaVision Will Recreate Iconic Brady Bunch Opening Sequence

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Brady Bunch opening, WandaVision poster

With the second season of The Mandalorian having come to a close, Disney+ subscribers now have the MCU's first series, WandaVision, to look forward to.

Marvel Studios is gearing up for the upcoming show's imminent debut, releasing TV spot after TV spot to promote the television-centric Disney+ series. New posters have also been revealed of WandaVision 's primary characters, teasing Scarlet Witch's brand-new costume and malicious forces at play.

Several creative forces behind the much-anticipated Marvel show have spoken about its development, including director Matt Shakman, in regard to WandaVision 's rapid post-production process. Showrunner Jac Shaeffer also commented on how the series will " a lot of comfort... solace and respite" for audiences, saying that it is perfectly suited to being released at this time.

WandaVision is heavily inspired by various eras of television, including the hit 1970s TV show The Brady Bunch . Not only will WandaVision make reference to The Brady Bunch , but it will also replicate one of the most iconic aspects of the classic 70s sitcom...


In the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine , WandaVision was confirmed to include a recreation of the iconic opening titles of The Brady Bunch . Elizabeth Olsen mentioned that the Disney+ series will feature "a big montage" of the title sequence, featuring the 1970s sitcom's classic heads-in-squares.

Paul Bettany also discussed how the show enabled him to don some 70s fashion, saying he "got to live out a lot of polyester fantasies! It was extraordinary."


The Brady Bunch was previously mentioned as being one of the many television sitcoms to inspire WandaVision , so it is exciting to hear that the Disney+ series will be paying direct homage to the classic 1970s sitcom.

Featuring this sequence in the series opens up a few questions, namely how the opening will be incorporated into WandaVision . This Brady Bunch sequence could be used as the opening of the 1970s-inspired episode itself, serving as a direct lead-in to the events of Wanda and Vision's 70s adventures.

Alternatively, with Olsen mentioning the sequence is "a big montage," perhaps this scene could be using The Brady Bunch 's opening in a more elaborate sequence. This could potentially use the classic heads-in-squares as a framing device, starting off joyful but slowly growing more sinister as the titles proceed. WandaVision could potentially subvert the iconic opening titles, removing characters from the squares one-by-one.

Another question is the characters that will populate the squares themselves. Wanda and Vision are certain to appear, but perhaps their neighbors, like Agnes and Monica Rambeau, could join them. Alternatively, Scarlet Witch's children Speed and Wiccan have been teased in trailers, so perhaps the two sons could show up in the titles all grown up. A wildcard pick for the remaining squares could be the Visions from Tom King's comic book run on Vision, which WandaVision is heavily inspired by. Virginia, Viv, and Vin are Vision's cybernetic family in the comics and could be a surprise addition to add greater drama to Wanda's family dynamic.

WandaVision premieres on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

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