Marvel's WandaVision Trailer Has Elizabeth Olsen Parodying ABC's Modern Family Show

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Marvel Studios is only three weeks away from beginning its new slate of series on Disney+ with the release of WandaVision on January 15. After releasing a second full trailer teasing more of the show's plot at Disney Investor's Day, the Disney Magical Parks Christmas Celebration premiered a one-minute trailer with new footage in anticipation of the show's release.

Just like the second full trailer, this one teases that all may not be as it seems in Wanda's alternate reality with flickers in her surroundings and clear confusion as to what's real and what isn't. It also showcases multiple decades of TV history that the show will infuse into its plot, including the black-and-white I Love Lucy set, the Brady Bunch era with Monica Rambeau, and more.

One quick shot also teased a much later era of sitcom television, which has a chance to be the most recent era the show will explore.


In a split-second shot of the Christmas Day WandaVision trailer, Wanda is seen sitting on a couch, facing straight toward the camera in a plaid shirt. Her look, along with the blue walls and the style of the furniture, appears to be a direct nod to the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family.

Modern Family scene and WandaVision scene



This shot in WandaVision will likely be shortly after the timeframe of Wanda and Vision dressing up in their comic accurate Halloween costumes.

Modern Family concluded its eleventh and final season in April 2020, making its mark as one of the defining sitcoms of the 2010's. Earning 22 Emmy wins and 75 nominations, the show featured the talents of Ed O'Neill alongside Ty Burrell (the MCU's The Incredible Hulk) and more as it brought laughs in 250 total episodes.

WandaVision will be utilizing the styles of at least six different eras of TV, so fans will be interested to see just how much of an influence the ABC hit has on the Marvel series.

As is the case with most of the other series the show will pay tribute to, there are few unknown plot details surrounding the Modern Family portion of WandaVision. The eras seem to be going in chronological order through Wanda and Vision's lives, which likely means this moedern era parody won't be seen until a few episodes in. When it does premiere, it will be yet another new and exciting lens into what the two leads have to face in this new solo adventure.

WandaVision will premiere on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

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