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WandaVision: Marvel Releases New Trailer for Elizabeth Olsen Disney+ Show

Vision on TV, Wanda Maximoff
By Richard Nebens

The long wait for the release of new MCU projects has brought with it the anticipation for new trailers to give new glimpses of Phase 4 movies and shows . Due to a six-month filming hiatus and frequent changes to release dates, fans haven’t seen a trailer for anything new from the MCU outside of Black Widow and the Disney+ spot from the 2020 Super Bowl.

Now that Marvel Studios has returned to filming around the world , the excitement is starting to return for the hype surrounding the new movies and Disney+ shows. That excitement has finally come to full fruition thanks to tonight’s virtual Emmy awards show...


Marvel Studios has officially released a new spot for their WandaVision Disney+ series:


For the first time in at least six months, there is finally a brand new trailer for MCU content! There's only 80 seconds of footage, but it teases just as crazy of a story for the new Disney+ mini-series as fans could have ever expected.

There is black and white footage with Paul Bettany's Vision narrating what seems to be a happy, cozy life for the classic comic couple in a classic 1950's setup, although Wanda's incredible powers are still fully in tact around all the other people they interact with. Another exciting sight is seeing Vision go through multiple different transformations, including from human to robot and from black & white to color.

Agatha Harkness WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Not only are there glimpses at all the different eras of TV the show has planned on visiting, there is a great look at classic Vision interacting with Kathryn Hahn's brand new character, who confirms that Vision is still in fact dead. There are a couple quick looks at Teyonnah Paris' Monica Rambeau as well, along with the classic action shots fans have come to expect from the MCU.

Monica Rambeau WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Even considering how desperate fans were for new MCU content, this trailer absolutely blew things away, and now all fans can do is wait for the official timeframe for the debut mini-series to finally arrive. WandaVision is set to make its way to Disney+ by the end of 2020, although no official date has been released.

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