Loki Director Reveals Which Episode Changed the Most During Editing

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Before Spider-Man: No Way Home fully embraced the Multiversal side of the MCU, there came Loki. The timeline-hopping Disney+ series led by Tom Hiddleston kickstarted the concept of alternate universes in Marvel Studios' playground, impacting countless MCU projects going forward. The rousing critical success from critics and fans alike has even affected releases as early as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is reportedly set to feature even more cameos inspired by those of Loki and No Way Home.

One of these appearances may be coming from the God of Mischief himself, as Hiddleston is expected to return as Loki in the Multiversal sequel. If that wasn't enough to tie Loki to Benedict Cumberbatch's upcoming solo flick, what looks to be a Time Variance Authority door can be seen in the latest Multiverse of Madness teaser.

While fans wait to see where Loki and co. pop up nextLoki's director revealed which episode of the Disney+ show was reworked the most in the editing process.

Which Loki Episode Changed the Most During Editing?

Loki Episode 5

In a recent tweet, Loki director Kate Herron revealed that Episode 5 of the Disney+ series was the installment that was reworked and changed the most during post-production, calling it an "absolute beast." 

Herron had much praise for the episode's editor Calum Ross, who she commended for his "tenacity and sleep-deprivation resilience" in working on "Journey into Mystery:"

"Episode Five was an absolute beast and by far the one we most re-worked and built in the edit, credit to editor @cal1ross for his tenacity and sleep-deprivation resilience as both worked over those dark December nights in 2020"

The editing timeline for Episode 5 was shared by Avid Media Composer, revealing the absolutely stacked layers for Loki's fifth chapter:

Loki Episode 5 Edit Timeline


A Video Editor's Journey into Mystery

"Journey into Mystery" being an "absolute beast" of an edit isn't surprising, and that isn't just because it features a literal absolute beast in Alioth.

The penultimate episode of Loki has several moving parts, from Sylvie and Renslayer's confrontation to Loki meeting the other Lokis to Mobius finding his own way into the Void. Combine several weaving plotlines with the necessity to introduce and balance a multitude of characters, and editor Calum Ross has got his work cut for him.

The fact that Herron stated that the episode was "reworked and built in the edit" indicates that Episode 5's structure wasn't clearly defined until post-production rolled around. Perhaps this was a case of finding a cohesive way to balance and pace the episode's intersecting stories in order to make "Journey into Mystery"'s narrative converge in a satisfying manner.

Luckily for Loki, the episode all came together seamlessly, matching the high standards that the series managed to carry through right to its finale.

All episodes of Loki are streaming now on Disney+.

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