Doctor Strange 2 Writer Addresses Loki's Connection To Benedict Cumberbatch Sequel

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Doctor Strange Loki

The MCU's third Disney+ series is quickly approaching. Tom Hiddleston's Loki is set to begin on Wednesday, June 9 and will release weekly episodes on this "new Friday." This will be the third of six scheduled MCU series to premiere on Disney+ in 2021. What If...?, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel are all set to hit the Mickey Mouse streaming service sometime later this year.

Headlining a stacked 2022 film slate for the MCU will be the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, which will release on March 25. A key connection between Loki and the Sorcerer Supreme's sequel is that head-writer Michael Waldron penned both scripts. 

This connection has many fans guessing if these two projects will directly tie-in to one another, similar to the connection with WandaVision and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Feige recently dodged a question about the possible connection after previously saying they would tie to one another. Waldron has just given an equally coy answer to the Loki and Doctor Strange curiosity.


Doctor Strange Loki

When asked in a recent interview with Total Film provided by Games Radar, Michael Waldron called any connection between Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Benedict Cumerbatch's Multiverse of Madness "crazy conjecture." 

Waldron went on to say that all of the MCU is interconnected in some way and Loki will have "wide-reaching ramifications across the MCU moving forward."

"All of these stories, in their own way, are interconnected, and have ramifications. I think that certainly our aim with the Loki series was for it to have wide-reaching ramifications across the MCU moving forward. So, you know, was I having to clean up some of the messes that I made [with Loki]? Maybe so."


As the MCU continues to expand well beyond where they were even just three or fours years ago, the more complicated the connected universe becomes. Feige and Marvel Studios have gifted fans with a cinematic universe with very little flaws, that perfectly connects each project to another. As time goes on, and smaller stories take place on Disney+, more and more nitpicks will begin to happen online.

A recent plot hole, or at least a reason to question, that happened in the MCU was the final battle in New York during The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Fans wondered where Tom Holland's Spider-Man was because the battle was seemingly happening nearby. The timeline's get shaky, but it's reasonable to believe that Peter was already in Europe while this was going down.

To the disappointment of some fans, Feige reportedly shut the idea down to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier writer Malcolm Spellman when writing the script. This will likely not be the only mental plot hole fans will have to get over as the MCU pushes forward. Will Loki tie into Multiverse of Madness? It would seem to make sense as Loki is bound to cause mischief while jumping through time and reality, but nothing is for certain. 

The answer may not come until Mutiverse of Madness releases next March, similar to how casual fans may not know Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch will star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and directly continue the story from WandaVision.  Moving forward, certain projects will cross over with others, but as the multiverse continues to grow and more new characters are introduced fans will have to get used to not every single hero interacting with each other.

To see what trouble the God of Mischief gets into next, check out Loki on Disney+ starting June 9.

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