The Mandalorian Actress Confirms No More Season 2 Appearances For Her Star Wars Character

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The Mandalorian Season 2 already has four episodes under its belt, with the next installment set to be a major one. One of the standout episodes so far was "Chapter 11 - The Heiress," which brought fan-favorite character Bo-Katan Kryze into a live-action setting.

One of the centers of attention was the presence of Sasha Banks among the cast, who was rumored to be portraying a variety of characters before the episode. Star Wars Rebels character Sabine Wren was one of the characters rumored to make the jump from animation to live-action, with many speculating that Banks could be playing the Mandalorian warrior.

After the release of "The Heiress," these rumors were dispelled, as Banks was revealed to indeed be playing a Mandalorian but one by the name of Koska Reeves. The actress was extremely pleased with her appearance, taking to social media to voice her excitement after the episode released.

Now, the actress has spoken on whether fans can expect to see her again in any of the remaining Season 2 episodes...


In an interview with , The Mandalorian actress Sasha Banks, also known as Mercedes Varnado, spoke about the future of her Star Wars character, Koska Reeves. Bank states that she is only in "The Heiress," while also hoping to achieve her character's goals at some point:

"Well, I can only hope that the fans get to know more, I'm only in this episode. It's awesome but we can only hope for more stuff...So, if I can pray and manifest anything, I just hope myself and Katee, Bo-Katan, can hopefully get the Darksaber one day. But we'll have to see, I don't know."

Banks does not seem to know anything beyond the episode she starred in, saying that she is watching along with the fans week-to-week:

"I have no idea, we have to keep watching...Everyone was expecting Ahsoka to be on this episode but we have to see, I don't know. I'm watching like a fan every single week and I'm just on the edge of my seat, I'm like, I don't know. So I'm just with you guys, I'm a fan."

While the near future for the character can likely be ruled out, Banks did provide a tease for what could be explored in the third season of The Mandalorian :

"I would say [Koska and Sasha] have almost the same kind of attitude and just the presence of knowing of who's in control and holding her stand to be present, holding her power...I feel like that's what I try to bring to Koska, I wanted to have a little bit of a legit Boss essence. But hopefully, we can discover more in season three."


Whether Banks is playing coy to preserve the rest of the story or is actually being truthful about "The Heiress" being her only Season 2 appearance remains to be seen. If true though, this likely points to Bo-Katan and Axe Woves not returning either for any other episodes during the second season.

This may be slightly disappointing, as the inclusion of Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls has been one of the most praised aspects of the second season thus far. In fact, some fans have already demanded a spin-off series focused on the elite Mandalorian unit.

Giancarlo Esposito has also teased that Moff Gideon will be boasting more Darksaber action this season. This may indicate that Ahsoka will be the one to duel Gideon this time around rather than Bo-Katan. This would make for an undoubtedly exciting fight sequence between the two but could mean that Bo-Katan's quest for the Darksaber will be addressed another time.

Banks specifically mentioning a third season does bode well for the idea that, at the very least, Bo-Katan and her crew will cross paths with Mando again eventually. Season 3 is already confirmed to be in the works, so hopefully, it won't be too long before we see these Mandalorians again very soon.

While her future in the remainder of the second season of The Mandalorian is uncertain, fans can watch Sasha Banks as Koska Reeves in "The Heiress," which is streaming now on Disney+.

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