Avengers: Endgame's Captain America Stunt Double Reveals New Cap vs. Cap Set Video

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Two Captain Americas Falling, Chris Evans as Captain America being held in a chokehold

Avengers: Endgame brought a plethora of exciting and now-iconic action sequences to the big screen. These range from the high-stakes final assembling of all of the Avengers against Thanos to the smaller scale, more personal set piece of the two Captain Americas facing off against one another. Much of these scenes can be attributed to the film's stunt coordinator: Sam Hargrave.

Sam Hargrave has worked closely with the Russo Brothers on previous MCU projects as their stunt coordinator and performer. The Russos even teamed up to write and produce the action film Extraction , which Hargrave helmed as director. Hargrave has previously shared videos of various stunts performed for Avengers: Infinity War , Avengers: Endgame and Birds of Prey .

Hargrave has now shared a new video from Avengers: Endgame , which he appears to be front and center in...


Sam Hargrave has posted a new video to his Instagram, showing off a stunt from Avengers: Endgame .

The video shows part of the battle between Captain America and his doppelganger, where the two tumble down a flight of stairs. From the caption, it also appears that Hargrave and his brother Daniel Hargrave are portraying the Captains in this moment as stunt performers.

This video provides an interesting peek behind the curtain of how Marvel Studios makes its movies, which has become increasingly more common since Endgame 's release. Despite Marvel's frequent use of CGI elsewhere, the production team still has to build multiple story sets and overhead rigs in order to achieve the desired effect in-camera. This video demonstrates the sheer impact of this action scene even without the visual effects in place, emphasizing that the action is very much real.

Even though Hargrave is orchestrating and planning these stunts, it is also interesting to see that he is still willing to get involved with the performance of the stunts themselves.

Hargrave is also acting as Second Unit Director on the second season of The Mandalorian , lending his hand for the series' action sequences. This video serves as a reminder of the caliber of action that viewers can expect from Season 2, which will supposedly " bring a new perspective and take it to another level" .

Fans will be able to see more of Hargrave's future work when the second season of The Mandalorian launches in October.

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