New Avengers: Infinity War Set Footage Shows Captain America & Black Panther Fighting Side-By-Side

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Captain America and Black Panther

One of the greatest spectacles of 2018 (and what almost won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects) was Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War . For years, Marvel has offered some of the most entertaining and visually pleasing special effects in the entire film industry. Their ability to make everything in their films look so fluid and natural sometimes causes fans to forget that what they're watching is actually all just green screen.

But fans don't usually get to see this side of Marvel Studios, mainly because they keep a tight wrap on their productions right up until their release. So even then, fans only get to see whatever behind-the-scenes action that Marvel decides they can see. Because of this, fans don't really get to know what things look like for a Marvel movie while it's filming - that is, unless someone at Marvel shares a piece of their unique experience that they captured themselves.


Sam Hargrave, most commonly known to the MCU fanbase as one of Marvel Studios' top stunt coordinators, as well as the occasional stunt double for Captain America, recently shared a video on Instagram showing his time on set during the filming for Avengers: Infinity War .

More specifically, he showed a segment of the earliest, unedited version of the famous Battle of Wakanda, in which Captain America and Black Panther fight side-by-side against the children of Thanos and their army of Outriders.

Hargrave's brief Throwback Thursday post of the Marvel fight sequence can be viewed below.

It's not often that a video of this nature would make it out into the real world. As all MCU fans can agree, it's difficult to see any sort of pre-production from Marvel Studios, due to their strict, no-spoiler policy for their films. But some people on the production crew break the rules sometimes, and that's always a treat.

In this case, fans get a raw view of just how perfectly choreographed the above scene was in Infinity War , rather than it just being a collection of even smaller shots simply pieced together. The video shows Black Panther and Cap fighting alongside the Wakandan warriors in their uniquely crafted Wakandan armor. In this shot, they are all going up against a group of stunt actors in motion-capture attire, who fans would later see reimagined by post production magic as the vicious Outriders of Thanos' army.

Considering Infinity War just saw it's second birthday earlier this year, combined with Hargrave's close ties with big Marvel names like the Russo Brothers , Hargrave probably doesn't have too much to worry about by posting this video. But one can never be too careful, as the Marvel snipers are still hard at work to ensure no MCU spoilers see the light of day.

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