Avengers: Endgame Directors Would Love to Explore More of Captain America's Time Travel Adventures

By Jennifer McDonough Updated:
Captain America in Time Travel Suit

Joe and Anthony Russo have certainly made their mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with hits like Captain America: Civil War and A vengers: Endgame. In the closing scenes of Endgame, Captain America takes a trip back through time to return the missing Infinity Stones to their rightful places (before taking a half century-long pit stop to live out his life with his first love, Peggy Carter).

Fans have often speculated whether or not an MCU movie or series could delve into Steve Rogers' time traveling adventures, and now the Russo Brothers themselves have spoken on the possibility of something like that.


ComicBookMovie recently interviewed the Russos and inquired about a potential follow-up on Cap's trip through time. Joe Russo had this to say on the matter: " It would be a great story to tell, no question. I don't know whether it needs to be told, but it would be a great story to tell, and we'd love to tell it, but I think there are other stories to move on to now."


Suffice to say, the probability of Marvel Studios telling that particular tale seems pretty low. A vengers: Endgame seems to have all but closed the book on Captain America's time in the MCU after showing him as an elderly man passing his iconic shield to Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon. Not to mention actor Chris Evans seems finished with the role .

That being said, it would be intriguing to know exactly what happened on Rogers' jaunt through the time space continuum. How did he fare in Asgard under the gaze of the all-seeing Heimdall while returning the reality stone? And then there's the elephant in the room as Steve would've come face-to-face with his first true enemy, the Red Skull, as he dropped off the soul stone on Vormir.

In any case, perhaps it is best to leave these scenarios up to fans' imagination and interpretation.

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