Star Wars: Daisy Ridley Says She Wishes Rey Was Related To Harrison Ford's Han Solo

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Daisy Ridley as Rey, Harrison Ford as Han Solo from The Force Awakens

Of all the controversial plot threads in the sequel trilogy, Rey's parentage was perhaps the most discussed and debated.

Many were hoping that Rey originated from a lineage already known to Star Wars fans, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker. Others were pleased with the outcome that she truly was a nobody, demonstrating that heroes are not defined by their heritage and where they come from. Both sides were then blindsided when The Rise of Skywalker revealed that Rey was in fact a Palpatine, a revelation that few were expecting. 

Behind the scenes, it appears that this decision was changed many times, with Rey at one point being considered as a Kenobi. Whether Rey will return to the Star Wars universe is an entirely different story, with Daisy Ridley stating that Episode IX "was tied off with a bow." 

Now, Daisy Ridley has revealed who in the Star Wars universe she would have liked Rey to be related to...


As reported by The Courier Mail, Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley recently appeared on a video call to answer questions from young fans at the Queensland Children's Hospital. In response to being asked who she would want Rey to be related to, she chose Han Solo “because working with Harrison (Ford) was so awesome.”


Of all the parent options that Rey could have potentially had, Han Solo would have made a lot of sense for her character. The two share a lot of affinity with each other in The Force Awakens, getting on instantly after meeting for the first time. Solo even goes as far as to offer her a place on the Millennium Falcon, showing that he has a lot of faith in her. Rey's parents 'leaving' her on Jakku would also make sense in this respect, considering Han Solo had returned to his old ways by this point. 

This would have also made Ben and Rey brother and sister, creating an interesting dynamic between the two and more of a reason for them being a dyad in the force. While it may have upset a segment of the Star Wars fan base, it would have continued the rhyming scheme that George Lucas intended between trilogies. 

This is, of course, all speculative, with Ridley clearly throwing this possibility out there for fun. While the canon decrees that Rey is a Palpatine now, fans, and Star Wars actresses, can still have fun thinking about what could have been for her origins. 

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