Green Lantern: HBO Max Series To Include Dominators as Villains, Mature Content (Exclusive)

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The Green Lantern series for HBO Max is still somewhat in its infancy with the show being relatively early in its development. That said, the creatives behind the show have big aspirations, with executive producer Marc Guggenheim saying he is approaching it with the "production ambitions of a movie."

The Direct previously learned of several key pieces of information related to the upcoming series. This included the inclusion of an all-new female Green Lantern character named "Bree Jarta", who would join the Corps as a half-human, half-alien Lantern. The show will also reportedly feature Green Lanterns Alan Scott and Guy Gardner, with the two existing in different time periods within the series. 

Now, a few more interesting details have been uncovered about the upcoming HBO Max series...


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Dominators in Green Lantern

The Direct has exclusively learned of new pieces of information about the upcoming Green Lantern HBO Max series. The series is being developed for a TV-MA (Mature Audiences) rating, which will likely be due to profanity and violence throughout the show.

The Green Lantern series will also see "Bree Jarta" and Guy Gardner partnering up in 1984. During this time period, they will be facing off against the Dominators, also known as the Dominion.

Bree Jarta will possess the power of super-hearing due to her alien heritage. The series will also delve into more social issues, as Jarta will experience racism during her time on Earth.


The Green Lantern series being rated TV-MA will certainly separate it from other entries in the DC universe. No entry in the DCEU besides this year's Birds of Prey has gone above a PG-13 rating, so this demonstrates that Green Lantern will delve into much more mature themes and include more explicit and violent content. DC and HBO Max seem to be positioning this series in a similar fashion to HBO's Watchmen, both being comic book properties capable of being aimed at more mature audiences. This will certainly be a departure from the comedic stylings of Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern.

The series will have another parallel to HBO's Watchmen, with social and racial issues clearly being a prominent focus. Watchmen was a series that masked its social agenda behind costumed heroes and villains. The Green Lantern series seems poised to continue that trend and pick up where Watchmen left off.

The Dominators, or Dominion, may be relatively obscure to the casual comic book fan but should prove to be an exciting an inclusion as villains for the show. This alien race were one of the primary orchestrators behind the Invasion! comic book storyline, where they forced many Justice League members to unite after attacking Earth. They previously appeared in the adapted Invasion! crossover event in the Arrowverse, where they caused havoc for Green Arrow and friends. 

This alien threat, in addition to the inclusion of half-alien "Bree Jarta", indicates that the series will have an intergalactic focus. It is also notable that the series will, at least partially, take place in 1984. The 80s time period should provide an interesting contrast to the interstellar aesthetic, similar to Guardians of the Galaxy. It will also be interesting to see Bree Jarta and Guy Gardner partner up, as usually only one Green Lantern is tasked with watching over a sector of space at a time.

Why two Lanterns would be watching over Sector 2814 at once should be explored when the Green Lantern series releases on HBO Max.

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