Green Lantern Rumor Teases Sinestro Plot In HBO Max Show

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The DC Universe is expanding on the small screen through various shows, and this will be further amplified by the multiverse approach of the franchise. That said, the Green Lantern Corps series is one of the upcoming projects under HBO Max's DC slate, which will be led by producer Greg Berlanti.

Plot details are still being kept under wraps, but the official announcement confirmed that the series will focus on multiple Green Lanterns including Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Alan Scott, the first-ever Green Lantern from the comics. In addition, an exclusive from The Direct revealed that the show will be a decade-spanning adventure that will feature different time periods such as the 1940s, 1980s, and modern-day.

Marc Guggenheim, the showrunner for Green Lantern Corps. , previously revealed that the writers will pen the series as a “TV show, but we're hoping to produce it like a film.” Guggenheim's comment suggests that the production quality of the show will be top-notch, and this should excite longtime Green Lantern fans.

Now, new details about the show have emerged, which provide more information about an important member of the stacked cast.


Knight Edge Media , via The Illuminerdi , shared in a report that HBO Max's Green Lantern Corps series is looking for an actor to portray Thaal Sinestro. The classic DC Comics' character was played by Mark Strong during the Ryan Reynolds-led Green Lantern film from 2011.

The listing that the outlet acquired revealed that the series is searching for a male actor in the 40s age range of any ethnicity for the role. Sinestro is being described as both a “warrior monk” and “the greatest of all the Green Lanterns.”

The full casting details can be seen below.

(Male, 40s, any ethnicity)

The greatest of all the Green Lanterns, Sinestro is akin to a warrior monk, the personification of grace under pressure. He serves as the strategic commander for the Corps and all Lanterns follow his orders without question. Although he is revered for his unmatched will power and wisdom, a darker destiny belies his otherwise Zen demeanor. [SERIES REGULAR]


Whenever there's a show or movie about Green Lantern, it's all but certain that Sinestro will show up in some capacity.

Based on the character description, it seems that the show will showcase Sinestro as the leader of the Green Lantern Corps and a more heroic figure at first. However, it looks like Sinestro is destined to be a villain in the latter half of the 10-episode season, and his journey to that dark path will be interesting to see unfold in the series.

It's currently unclear if Hal Jordan, the most well-known Green Lantern, will appear in the series. In DC Comics and the previous Green Lantern film, Hal is Sinestro's greatest foe, and it would be fitting if he shows up to kickstart the character's villainous turn.

The duality of Hal and Sinestro has been the central theme of several Green Lantern stories in the comics, but the presence of new leads such as Jessica Cruz and Guy Gardner presents new story opportunities for the soon-to-be villain.

Still, the fact that the series will portray Sinestro as a hero and a born leader adds an intriguing story element for the character. If and when Sinestro decides to go rogue, his villainous turn will be heartbreaking to watch.

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