Marvel's Loki Trailer Features Callback To Robert Downey Jr.'s First Iron Man Movie

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Loki was one of the standout properties from Disney's Investor Day 2020, with the presentation bringing a lot of new information about Tom Hiddleston's upcoming Marvel series.

A brand new trailer was released for the show, potentially indicating that Loki will take on the role of the strange historical figure D.B. Cooper. The teaser also features a potential reference to the devillish Mephisto, hinting at his MCU introduction. Following the event, it was also revealed that Jamie Alexander's Lady Sif could make an appearance in the Disney+ show.

Disney+ appears to have an affinity with the first Iron Man, with The Mandalorian featuring many references to the MCU feature. "Chapter 9" of the series paid homage to Tony Stark's confrontation with the Ten Rings in a scene where Cobb Vanth fires a missile similarly to the armored hero. "Chapter 14" snuck in a sly reference as well, that being an Easter egg based on one of Tony's lines from Iron Man .

Now, a part of the Loki trailer features a wink and a nod to the MCU film that started it all...


During the Exclusive Clip for the Loki Disney+ series, Loki is blasted through time and space after using the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame . Starting at the 0:33 mark, Loki finds himself covered in sand in an arid desert. Handcuffs and muzzle busted, the God of Mischief is then approached by three very confused locals.

This scene bears a strong resemblance to one in Iron Man , where Tony Stark flies his Mark 1 suit away from the Ten Rings, only for it to crash land in the middle of the desert.

Iron Man and Loki scenes
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The MCU loves to pay homage to its past, with Avengers: Endgame being a love letter to the entirety of the franchise and the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier already featuring multiple references to the first and second Captain America films.

The first Iron Man' s scene with Tony plunging into the desert dunes served as a moment to signify that he was starting from scratch. Now equipped with the knowledge to build a new Iron Man suit, this scene in the desert served as almost a rebirth for the character in the heroic role. Therefore, this parallel could signify a similar situation of starting over for Loki, with this moment representing a new beginning for his redemption. Or, maybe his further descent into villainy.

It is unknown where (or when) Loki is, or how this moment leads to his encounter with the Time Variance Authority. The clothing of the other characters points to it still being the modern day for Loki, so it appears that he is still within 2012. He is also still wearing his costume from The Avengers , strongly suggesting that this scene picks up from the exact moment that Loki teleports away.

The Tesseract is notably absent though, so there may be a possiblity that Loki's onlookers picked it up following his arrival. Perhaps Loki will go along with these new friends of his for a while to regain access to the Cosmic Cube, before his displacement in time leads to the TVA following his trail. There is also the very real possibility that these individuals are TVA agents in disguise, who have tracked down Loki's location to take him in for recruitment.

Loki's desert adventures and more will be explored in his Disney+ series, which will release in May 2021.

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