Star Wars: Andor Set Photos Seemingly Reveal New Planet

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Cassian Andor with gun, Diego Luna as Cassian Andor closeup

Andor is set to be one of the most ambitious Star Wars productions to come, having a massive scope that spans "twelve episodes, 12 scripts, [and] over 200 named cast members."

The series was officially rebranded as simply Andor during Disney's Investor Day, in addition to behind-the-scenes footage from its pre-production being unveiled. Although originally announced to be starring alongside Diego Luna, Rogue One's Alan Tudyk confirmed that K-2SO would not be joining Cassian for his first season.

With enormous expectations being set, an equally as enormous set was expected. Rumors suggested that the series would be using a large location for filming, which was later confirmed by emergent set photos.

Images from the show's set made their way online, showing off a massive town that could be under Rebel occupancy. New photos have now surfaced, possibly suggesting that Andor could begin filming very soon...


New set photos from Andor have been shared online via Bespin Bulletin, originating from the series' production in Buckinghamshire, England.

The images notably show that green screens have been put around the set, a sign that filming could begin very soon, as noted by Bespin Bulletin. Many other photos display set dressings matching the architecture and design seen in previous images.

Props are also visible in some shots, including what appears to be a variant of a moisture vaporator. The devices have been present in Star Wars canon dating all the way back to 1977's A New Hope, being seen on Luke Skywalker's homestead on Tatooine.



Evidence seems to suggest that this is an entirely new planet in Star Wars lore, not matching the climate or environment of any others seen previously. The presence of the moisture vaporator seems to reinforce the dry atmosphere of the planet, requiring these machines to obtain water. The altered design could be a means of improving efficiency on this planet.

Initial set photos suggested that this location would be a hive of scum and villainy, but the tall buildings could indicate that the planet is a bit more developed. Star Wars towns from the Original Trilogy era tend to be smaller in stature, so having structures with some height is a welcome change of pace. These buildings being as elaborate as they are may signal that they may be visited, as it would seem a waste to construct such a large establishment and not get to meet its inhabitants.

It is currently unknown whether Andor will make use of The Volume like The Mandalorian, but the green screens are a good indicator that the series will do all it can to create another immersive Star Wars experience.

Andor is expected to release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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