Jonathan Majors Denies Assault Charges, Shares Girlfriend's Text Messages to Prove Innocence

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Jonathan Majors on red carpet

Jonathan Majors' lawyer shared new evidence and comments from the Marvel actor's girlfriend, refuting the assault allegations following his arrest.

The Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania star was taken into police custody and charged with assault on the morning of March 25 in a New York City apartment. 

The actor's lawyer released a statement shortly after his arrest, remarking that he is "completely innocent and is provably the victim." However, the investigation is still ongoing. 

Despite this, Majors received plenty of backlash online following news of the assault charge.

Jonathan Majors' Lawyer Provides New Evidence Proving Innocence

In a statement shared with The Direct, Jonathan Majors' criminal defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry relayed that the actor "completely denies" the assault allegations against his girlfriend, noting that Majors himself made the 911 call to police out of concern for her mental health:

"Mr. Majors completely denies assaulting the woman. Around 11 a.m. on March 25, 2023, Jonathan Majors called 911 out of concern for the woman’s mental health."

Chaudry shared that Majors' arrest was part of an NYPD protocol that required it under "certain circumstances." 

She also mentioned that Majors' girlfriend later sent text messages admitting that she used "physical force against" Majors:

"The police arrived with the paramedics, as is standard procedure, and arrested Mr. Majors due to an NYPD protocol requiring arrest in certain circumstances. On that same day, only 7 and 9 hours later, the woman sent text messages to Mr. Majors admitting that she was the one who used physical force against him."

The attorney continued by saying that Majors' girlfriend "disavowed any allegations" of wrongdoing on the actor's part and confirmed the narrative that Majors initially called the police:

"She also disavowed any allegations that he had done anything to her and confirmed that Mr. Majors called 911 because of her mental condition. These are those messages, redacting the woman’s name for her privacy."

The text message chain from Jonathan Majors' girlfriend refuting the assault allegations can be found below, with her messages stating that the situation was "[her] fault for trying to grab [his] phone," which allegedly caused their dispute leading to Majors' arrest:

Jonathan Majors Text
Jonathan Majors

The Direct will continue to share new updates on this situation as it becomes available.

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