Venom 2 Post-Credits Scene Causes Major Excitement on Social Media Following Fan Screening

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After the surprise runaway success of the first VenomLet There Be Carnage is looking to pick right back up where it left off. 

After a series of calculated delays influenced on the success of Sony Pictures' competitors, the Tom Hardy-led Venom sequel is officially set to hit theaters on October 1. The film will finally bring Spider-Man's other symbiotic adversary to the big screen, with Cletus Kasady's Carnage being portrayed by Woody Harrelson. 

With excitement also being directed toward Spider-Man: No Way Home, many fans are also wondering whether a Peter Parker/Eddie Brock crossover is imminent. Hardy was incredibly enthusiastic about the idea, saying he "would do anything to make that happen." 

Although it is unknown whether Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be the stage where it will be set, the film's director Andy Serkis assured fans that "of course, it's gonna happen" at some point in the future.

Now, early reactions to the film have provided some insight into what potential viewers can expect from the Venom sequel.

Venom 2 Fan Reactions Praise Post-Credits Scene

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Fans were able to get a sneak peek at the upcoming Venom: Let There Be Carnage through a dedicated fan screening, allowing them to give their early reactions to the symbiote-starring sequel.

Much attention was placed on the post-credits scene, which many Twitter users highlighted as a surprising and exciting moment that future audiences would need to stick around for. 

A lot of praise was also directed toward Venom: Let There Be Carnage's brisk pace, with Twitter user @RenGeekness calling the film's "franctic pacing" its "biggest strength:"

"The biggest strength of #VenomLetThereBeCarnage is its franctic pacing and exhilirating action. Matching the kinetic energy Tom Hardy has with himself. Woody Harrelson is relishing as Kletus/Carnage and is perfect for the role."

Twitter user @neilvagg echoed this sentiment in saying the Venom sequel "wastes no time in getting down to business," while also hinting at a potential romance between Eddie Brock and his symbiotic companion:

"#Venom Let There Be Carnage is a frenzied mix of buddy movie, romance (VenomEddie), and horror. It wastes no time in getting down to business and not relent. Hardy is on fire and Harrelson IS Carnage. DO NOT MISS THE CREDITS!"

Twitter user @bartonj2410 gave the spotlight to Woody Harrelson's portrayal as Carnage, mentioning that the actor "delivers as Cletus Kasady:"

#VenomLetThereBeCarnage is the most batshit insane film of the year and a marked improvement on the first film. It absolutely flies by and Woody Harrelson delivers as Cletus Kasady/Carnage, a villain I've been waiting see in live action for ages. STAY for the end credits!!"

Twitter user @BlackNezzy thought the film was "better in parts" in comparison to the original and specifically teased the presence of a scene that would surprise audiences "in a good way." Given the continued mention of the end-credits scene among the reactions, it is likely that this is the sequence in question:

"So (NO REVIEW ALLOWED till Sept 30th) but #VenomLetThereBeCarnage was a fun movie that better in parts to the ORGINAL. #Carnage and woody harrelson steal the show I just love him. The action was pretty entertaining but there is 1 scene that will make u go [SCREAM EMOJI] in a good way"

"AUDIENCE WENT CRAZY" for the tag scene, according to Marvel fan @TonyCurses:

Venom: Let There Be Carnage was amazing! The action scenes were top notch, Tom Hardy and Woody did amazing as Venom and Carnage as expected and (WARNING: STAY UNTIL THE VERY END, AUDIENCE WENT CRAZY ⚠️ )

More Surprises and More...Romance?

Going off of these fan reactions, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is set to be an exhilarating thrill ride thanks to its 90-minute run time. The romance aspect mentioned in one of the reactions is particularly interesting, seeming to build off of Eddie and Venom's strange dynamic from the first film.

There were some odd teases of this aspect in the original Venom, such as the symbiote giving Brock a big old kiss when being controlled by Michelle Williams' character Anne. Perhaps this brief rush of emotion has flourished into something more between Eddie and his symbiote?

Ultimately, though, whether fans liked or disliked the first Venom, it appears that the sequel will be a fun time at the very least.

The common thread between all of the reactions was the urging to "STAY for the end credits," leading one to wonder what could be so exciting to warrant such a response. Perhaps the post-credits could tie into Morbius somehow, bringing in Michael Keaton much like the Jared Leto-led film is. This would effectively create a tangible link to the MCU if Keaton is indeed reprising his role as Adrian Toomes.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios could even go the full mile instead, possibly teasing a Venom crossover for No Way Home or a Spider-Man crossover in a future Venom project. Sony wouldn't even have to limit themselves to Tom Holland's Spider-Man if Andrew Garfield is potentially on the cards. Garfield returning as Spider-Man in the Venom sequel's post-credits would certainly elicit a major response from fans. 

Fans will be able to see whether the film lives up to the hype when Venom: Let There Be Carnage hits theaters on October 1, 2021.

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