Marvel Officially Declares Shang-Chi an Avenger: What's Next for Simu Liu's Hero?

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now out in theaters worldwide, allowing fans to see Marvel's latest newcomer make a splash on the big screen.

Strong Thursday previews have put the Asian-led superhero flick in a great position ahead of its opening weekend, only emboldened by the overwhelming critical acclaim from fans and reviewers alike.

The film is very much concerned with legacy, with Shang-Chi working to honor his heritage and live up to all the Marvel heroes that have come before him. Shang-Chi's marketing material has made this abundantly clear by continuously referencing past Avengers.

With Shang-Chi being relatively disconnected from the rest of the MCU, many are now wondering how he will continue to impact the wider universe moving forward.

New promotional material for the film now seems to solidify that Shang-Chi will play a pivotal part in the MCU's ever-expanding story...

Is Shang-Chi Now an Avenger In the MCU?

Shang Chi Avenger Frame

In a new TV spot for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel Studios officially gives Simu Liu's hero the title of an Avenger. The frame is followed by footage of several of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, putting Shang-Chi alongside the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor.

The full spot can be seen below:


Simu Liu's Bright Future with Shang-Chi

The new blood has arrived.

Shang-Chi is officially an Avenger in the eyes of Marvel Studios, putting an Asian hero on the team in a front-and-center role for the first time. Wong and Mantis are technically a part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but Shang-Chi being placed amid other mainline Avengers like Cap and Thor suggests that Simu Liu's hero will be part of the core team.

And the film seems to suggest that as well. Moviegoers will know that by the end of the film, Shang-Chi and Katy have already been drawn into the Avengers' inner circle. The post-credits sequence finds the duo in the company of Wong, Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner, proving that Shang-Chi has the chops to stand alongside the MCU's heaviest of hitters.

So, how will Shang-Chi operate with the team moving forward? So far, the hero has the closest connection to Wong, both in physical proximity and emotional bonding. It would perhaps make the most sense for Shang and Katy to help the Master of the Mystic Arts with any magical mishaps. The trio may embark on a journey to find the true origins of the Ten Rings, which may lead them to another set of heroes along the way.

The Ten Rings' ancient technology heavily implies that the Eternals could be involved with their creation. Shang-Chi could travel to converse with the race of immortal beings and recruit even more heroes into the Avengers roster. 

Marvel Studios ultimately seems to be building a new lineup of heroes to form a new incarnation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. WandaVision has revitalized the Scarlet Witch, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has introduced a new Captain America, and Black Widow has brought in Yelena Belova to fill in Natasha Romanoff's shoes. It's only fair that Shang-Chi gets his own spot on the Avengers.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is out now exclusively in theaters.

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September 03, 2021
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