WandaVision's New Episode Reveals Stan Lee Easter Egg

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Warning — This article contains minor spoilers for WandaVision .

WandaVision has taken a very meta turn with "Episode 7," drawing its influences from The Office and Modern Family for fourth wall-breaking antics.

Continuing on from last week's Halloween hijinx , "Breaking the Fourth Wall" addressed the outcome of Darcy's entrance into Wanda's hex, revealing the reasoning behind her peculiar outfit choice from a previous character poster .

The episode has primed fans for a tear-jerking finale , which Monica Rambeau actress Teyonah Parris has described as "epic and incredibly sad." Despite this, the final moments of the hit Disney+ series should be exciting still, with unanswered questions-a-plenty going into the show's final two episodes.

The latest episode of WandaVision managed to sneak in an Easter egg to one of the greatest creatives behind Marvel Comics, which is sure to bring a smile to MCU fans' faces...


In "Episode 7" of WandaVision , the opening credits show different variations of 'Wanda,' using different fonts and items to represent her name.

One of these titles shows Wanda's name on a license plate with the number 122822. This translates to the birthday of legendary Marvel Comics writer and editor Stan Lee, which is December 28, 1922.

Wanda Number Plate
From WandaVision


Stan Lee was well-known for his assortment of cameos throughout the MCU and beyond, making his final appearance in a Marvel Studios movie with Avengers: Endgame . It was a shame that Lee was not able to appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home , a character that he played a fundamental part in creating.

Therefore, this Easter egg serves as a nice tribute to the comic book legend, ensuring that Stan Lee's influence is still felt throughout the corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Given how important Stan Lee was to the success of Marvel Comics and the MCU, it should be expected that Marvel Studios will continue to pay respect to the comic book great in whatever way they can.


"Episode 7" of WandaVision is streaming now on Disney+.

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