Disney Will Reportedly Announce New Projects From Marvel, Star Wars Later This Week

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The state of entertainment is largely in flux, with ongoing events forcing major production companies and studios to shift their release strategies for upcoming releases. Warner Bros. recently made the shocking move to release their 2021 line of films simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. This has led many to wonder how other large studios will respond, particularly the House of Mouse.

Disney has seen some success with their releases on Disney+, most notably The Mandalorian. The series has even had a knock-on effect for other series on the platform, including giving Star Wars: The Clone Wars a spike in viewership.

However, Disney's other attempts at capitalizing on their streaming service have been less than fruitful. Tentpole film Mulan saw limited access due to being locked behind an additional paywall on top of a Disney+ subscription. Because of this, the company is planning to release other upcoming films on the service, like Pixar's Soul, without this barrier to entry. This also led many to speculate on the chances of Black Widow receiving a Disney+ release.

Disney's plans for 2021 will be revealed during their upcoming Investor Day 2020, and it appears that a clearer picture of what will be shown has been unveiled...


Deadline reported that Disney will unveil its new slate of projects from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm during their Investor Day on December 10. According to the outlet, this meeting will "announce" upcoming television content as well as theatrical projects from the studios.


It was expected that Disney would have some announcements for its Marvel and Star Wars franchises, but this report serves as near confirmation of the fact. It is also notable that these announcements will be new ones, implying that the studios will be revealing projects not yet officially announced. Disney+ seems to be the major focus for the company, so it is likely that upcoming series' will be announced for the service.

Marvel Studios has a few rumored projects in the pipeline that have yet to receive official confirmation from the studio. A Disney+ series centered on Nick Fury was reported on, so perhaps Marvel will shed some light on what this project would entail. Deadpool 3 received a set of new writers recently as well, which could lead to Marvel Studios discussing whether the project will or will not be a part of MCU canon. Kevin Feige is keeping relatively hush on how the X-Men and other Fox franchises will be incorporated into the MCU, so there is a chance that mutant-led or Fantastic Four-related projects could be on the horizon.

As far as the galaxy far, far away is concerned, many spinoffs related to The Mandalorian have been rumored, so there is a chance that Disney will confirm or squash these rumblings during their Investor Day. A series revolving around Boba Fett has been heavily rumored, so the character's warm reception may warrant the creation of his own show. A show featuring Bo-Katan and Cara Dune was also rumored, so perhaps a team-up series between the two could be revealed. Star Wars' upcoming film lineup is less certain, so perhaps Disney may reveal what Taika Waititi has in store, or whether Rian Johnson's trilogy is still actually happening or not.

All the upcoming Marvel and Star Wars announcements can be found during the Disney Investor Day 2020, December 10.

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