MCU Star Teases How Time Gap After Captain Marvel Will Be Explored In WandaVision

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Monica Rambeau (young), Elizabeth Olsen, Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris)

WandaVision is incredibly close to its Disney+ release on January 15, 2021, and fans are waiting with bated breath to return to the MCU.

Plenty of new trailers have teased what fans can expect from the series, with a promotional clip demonstrating the show's sitcom roots. The Mind Stone will be a point of focus in WandaVision, reaffirmed by a piece of promo art that harkens back to imagery of classic TV Guides.

One of the most intriguing additions to the cast is an all grown-up Monica Rambeau, now being portrayed by Mad Men 's Teyonah Parris. WandaVision producer Mary Livanos revealed that Rambeau's inclusion in the show was " not quite mapped out," potentially indicating that she wasn't always meant to be in the series.

Now, Parris has confirmed that the Disney+ series will explore what Monica Rambeau has been up to since her MCU debut...


As reported by and DiscussingFilm on Twitter, a virtual press conference was held to discuss the imminent release of WandaVision .

Teyonah Parris spoke on how the show uses her character of Monica Rambeau, saying that WandaVision will explore "what she's been up to" between the events of the show and Captain Marvel .

"Basically, in WandaVision , we pick up with who she is now as a grown woman. Through the course of the show we find out what she's been up to, what's happened to her in that gap.

When asked how the events of the MCU have impacted Monica's and Agnes' life, Parris stated that WandaVision will show what Monica Rambeau "has seen and gone through" over the years:

"They have definitely been through some things and seen some things...We actually do get to learn, particularly, what those things are that Monica has seen and gone through and how they have shaped her life. I don't want to give too much away because we will actually touch a lot of that as we go through the show."

Parris also reaffirmed that Monica will return for the Captain Marvel sequel, alongside the titular hero and MCU newcomer Kamala Khan:

"We will get to see Monica join Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel in Captain Marvel 2 !"


With Monica Rambeau's addition to WandaVision , it appears that the series will explore her past more than previously expected. Rambeau has had little impact on the MCU outside of her appearance in Captain Marvel, so it will be interesting to explore how the character has impacted the MCU's past and how the MCU's past has impacted her.

It has already been made apparent that Rambeau will be involved with SWORD in some capacity, so perhaps the series could follow Monica as she joins the organization and rises through its ranks. There is also the possibility that WandaVision could explore more of Monica's childhood, allowing the possibility for Akira Akbar to reprise her role as a young Monica and Lashana Lynch to return as her mother Maria.

Some merchandise has also suggested that Monica may gain powers of some sort in WandaVision . Monica Rambeau is more commonly known under the aliases  Photon, Pulsar and Spectrum in the comics, possessing similar powers to Carol Danvers. With Teyonah Parris set to star alongside two super-powered individuals in the Captain Marvel sequel, it would make sense for her to gain powers during the events of WandaVision or be revealed to have received powers before the start of the show.

Monica Rambeau returns to the MCU when WandaVision releases on Disney+ on January 15, 2021, and will reappear when Captain Marvel 2 blasts into theaters on November 11, 2022.

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