Marvel Studios President Teases Multiple Seasons For Certain MCU Disney+ Shows

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With WandaVision set to release very soon, it is very much apparent that a good portion of the MCU's future lies in streaming. Disney+ opens up a new field of possibilities for the company's properties, allowing for new storytelling opportunities and avenues. 

WandaVision is already set to be a unique and groundbreaking entry in the MCU, according to early reactions, so fans should expect to see Marvel Studios taking some chances with their streaming line up. Marvel CCO Kevin Feige has discussed the series, and Marvel's plans for Disney+, at length recently, with the President of Marvel Studios revealing that The Mandalorian provided a lot of inspiration.

Feige is also well aware of the fears of over-saturation for the MCU, reaffirming that the company's goal is to tell "unique and interesting stories" to avoid Marvel fatigue. The Head of Marvel commented on the possibility of incorporating Marvel's Netflix characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, telling fans to "never say never."

Feige was questioned about whether the MCU's shows will have multiple seasons, which will supposedly depend on the project...


In an interview with Variety, Kevin Feige talked about the positioning of Marvel Studios' Disney+ series and how the shows would progress past their initial seasons.

When asked about whether the MCU's shows would be aiming for a yearly release schedule for each new season on Disney+, Feige responded by saying that some Marvel shows will be limited series that branch off into feature films, and other shows will instead have multiple seasons:

"It will vary. There are some shows that have been built to further expand our storytelling and then go into features. We’ve already announced Lizzie Olsen being a part of “Doctor Strange 2.” We’ve announced Teyonah Parris being part of “Captain Marvel 2.” There are some shows that, while always interconnected, are being built with multiple seasons in mind.

Feige also compared Marvel Studios' strategy to other shows, likening their multi-season series to the likes of Stranger Things, and their limited series to the hit Netflix show The Queen's Gambit.

So it’ll vary the way a lot of I think great TV now varies, whether it’s a couple of years between seasons of “Game of Thrones” or “Stranger Things,” or one offs like — what did I just watch? — “Queen’s Gambit.” One of the fun things about streaming is the rules are loose, which allows for you to just follow creatively, where you want to go."


It appears that upcoming Marvel series receiving extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, accounting for the story that is being told above anything else. This indicates that WandaVision is likely to only receive one season, telling its story over its 9 episode arc.

This raises the question of whether single characters could receive additional series revolving around them depending on the story. Could Wanda Maximoff have another Marvel show following a new story entirely separate from WandaVision

This line of thinking from Feige also lines up with what is known about Loki, which is the only Marvel show to be receiving a second season at this time. With Loki seeming to be a rollicking adventure revolving around the character in a variety of scenarios similar to The Mandalorian and Doctor Who, this model makes more sense for a show such as this.

Ultimately, this begs the question of which other shows could have multiple seasons. She-Hulk could be a likely candidate, with the show being billed as a half-hour, paralegal comedy. Perhaps Ms. Marvel could also see similar treatment, though this could be opposed by her lead-in to Captain Marvel 2.

The first and only season of WandaVision premieres on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

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