Spider-Man: No Way Home: Hidden Detail Teases Green Goblin's Attack on Aunt May

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With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home's second trailer, plenty of interesting details and tidbits came to light about the film.

The Multiverse opened up to unveil even more extradimensional enemies for Peter Parker to face, all of whom originate from past Spider-Man franchises. Some have even theorized that the new footage may paint Alfred Molina's Doc-Ock in a new light, with the footage suggesting that he could be a hero this time around.

A location in the trailer may even connect No Way Home to the X-Men universe, potentially acting as a nod towards the inevitable introduction of the MCU's mutants. The new footage also provided hints as to how Spidey's supporting cast will get involved in the Multiversal adventures, with MJ and Ned potentially lending the webslinger a hand in an unexpected way.

Now, a hidden detail in the trailer may tease a close encounter between one of Spider-Man's closest loved ones and one of his greatest villains.

The Green Goblin vs. Aunt May

Spider-Man: No Way Home FEAST Truck 1

In the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, an emerald explosion can be seen blasting through the entrance of a New York City building, presumably after Peter fails to prevent the detonation of one of the Green Goblin's pumpkin bombs.

Spider-Man: No Way Home FEAST Truck 2

Just next to the building, a truck bearing the logo for FEAST can be seen, which stands for Food, Emergency Aid, Shelter & Training. The charity organization is associated with Aunt May in the comics, and it was previously hinted at in a set photo.

The truck in the footage is identical to the one in the on-set picture, right down to the orange graffiti on the vehicle's side. Could the truck's placement indicate that this is a FEAST facility?

Spider-Man: No Way Home FEAST Interior

In No Way Home's first trailer, Peter is seen running through a FEAST facility, indicated by the logo on a poster which is identical to the one featured on the truck.

Spider-Man: No Way Home FEAST Interior 2

This scene is much different to the explosion shot though, with a different time of day and Peter wearing his black-and-gold suit. This could suggest that FEAST will be a central location in No Way Home, which may not be good news for Aunt May.

Will Aunt May Survive No Way Home?

It seems that FEAST will play a significant role in Aunt May's storyline for No Way Home, taking up at least two scenes in the film.

Perhaps the villains realize that all Spider-Men have common links, leading them to seek out the MCU's version of Aunt May by tracking her down at FEAST. The Green Goblin isn't averse to attacking Peter Parker's relatives, having terrorized Rosemary Harris' Aunt May in the original Spider-Man. The motivations for doing so are still unclear, but Aunt May would be the perfect bargaining chip for the villains to achieve their goals.

The order in which these scenes occur is peculiar though, as Peter is wearing his black-and-gold suit in the daytime shot at FEAST and is still wearing it at nighttime when facing Electro. Spidey is also seemingly wearing his Integrated suit during the FEAST explosion scene, in addition to the scene on the Statue of Liberty.

Presumably, Spider-Man would receive his Integrated Suit prior to his black-and-gold suit, so why would FEAST still be intact when Spidey is running through it? Is this another FEAST facility or are there Multiversal shenanigans at play?

And what does this mean for Aunt May herself? Very few non-powered MCU characters have survived explosions, with Happy Hogan being one of the lucky few to make a full, Downton Abbey-filled recovery following Iron Man 3. Could this be Marisa Tomei's last MCU appearance after what was seen in this shot?

Fans can find out Aunt May's fate when Spider-Man: No Way Home slings into theaters on December 17, 2021.

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