Star Wars Celebrates the Holidays With Official The Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Festive Artwork

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The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian Season 2 has officially come to a close, rounding out its 8 episode run this year with a finale to remember.

The episode had some major reveals, including the return of Mark Hamill as the legendary Luke Skywalker and the announcement of a spinoff called The Book of Boba Fett, which will precede Season 3. There were, of course, plenty of Easter eggs too, such as the return of a familiar starfighter from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a sly reference to C-3PO through the appearance of another protocol droid.

While fans wait for the third season and all the other upcoming Star Wars series to release, a special episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will release on Christmas Day 2020 as one final hurrah for the past season. 

The documentary special isn't the only thing to tide fans over between seasons, with Lucasfilm releasing a fun image to celebrate The Mandalorian and the holiday season...


In a recent tweet, Star Wars released brand new artwork based on The Mandalorian to celebrate the holiday season:

Mandalorian Christmas Artwork
From Star Wars

The art was accompanied by a quick message from Lucasfilm, wishing fans a happy holidays from the entire Star Wars team:

"Making spirits bright. This is the way. Happy Holidays from everyone at Lucasfilm."

Ever since The Star Wars Holiday Special, the galaxy far, far away has been intrinsically linked with the holiday season. This new artwork continues that tradition.

This image is specially made by Lucasfilm Concept Design Supervisor Christian Alzmann, who is responsible for a lot of the concept artwork seen in the credits sequences for The Mandalorian. The artwork itself depicts the characters that started it all: Mando and the Child sleighing down a snowy hill. The sleigh is fashioned to resemble the Razor Crest, Din Djarin's ship that was sadly destroyed in "Chapter 14 - The Tragedy."

Alzmann obviously had to add some festive cheer to the vehicle though, with Christmas lights and a big, red bow adorning the craft. Grogu looks cute as a button in his mini Santa hat, and is notably sitting behind a lever topped with the metal sphere that he grows an attachment to in the series. Din Djarin also has a miniature toy of a Battle Droid from the prequel trilogy nestled in his belt. Mando has always shown an aversion to droids, but perhaps he can stomach Grogu have a toy one for the time being.

While this is obviously non-canon, this artwork is a fun way to cap off The Mandalorian by seeing Mando and the Child during their Life Day celebrations. 

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