The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Features Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fighter Easter Egg

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The Mandalorian 's second season is officially a thing of the past. Now all that's left for fans to do is wait for the future of Star Wars and find every hidden Easter egg of this momentous sequel season.

When news initially broke that Dave Filoni, previously known for his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels , would be an executive producer on The Mandalorian many fans rejoiced. His involvement in those previous Star Wars TV series seemed like an obvious choice to be paired with Jon Favreau to kick-off a galaxy far, far away on Disney+ .

The first two seasons of Disney+ have been a major success, and much of that is due to the Filoni influence. This influence was felt all throughout Season 2, with characters like Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano (two characters he helped to create) being brought into the fold. It appears that Filoni has brought more than just characters back from Clone Wars and Rebels though.


At the beginning of "Chapter 16" of The Mandalorian, as Boba Fett is landing the Slave I to recruit Bo-Katan to join them in rescuing Grogu, we see a familiar fighter ship parked outside. During The Clone Wars Season 2, episode 14, titled “Duchess of Mandalore,” we get a glance of the same Kom'rk-class aka Gauntlet fighter being used by Death Watch. Here's our full comparison:

Kom'rk-class fighter comparison


The Gauntlet fighter that appears in The Mandalorian is being piloted by Bo-Katan Kryze, a former member of Death Watch during the Clone Wars. Kryze being in command of one of these fighters around 30 years after The Clone Wars is a testament to how much she has been through as a character. Ships seem to last in the Star Wars universe, as seen during the final space battle in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker .

The ship itself is brutally beautiful. It dwarfs the Slave I and towers the cantina with its unmistakable wings that pivot vertically when landed. Used as both a starfighter and transport during the Clone Wars, it is a total flex by Bo-Katan to still pilot one of these. Based on what we saw during Season 2, she has been working with a fairly small team while one of these ships could hold up to 24 passengers.

Star Wars is known for ships like the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, and TIE fighters, but some of these lesser-known starfighters are always a pleasant surprise for all fans. It is only a matter of time that even more Easter eggs placed by Filoni will be found in The Mandalorian.

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