Marvel Casting Tucker Carlson-Like News Anchor For Disney+ Secret Invasion Series

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Tucker Carlson Skrull Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is slowly transforming into one of the more intriguing entries in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the series continues to build its cast from a wide range of all-star talent.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn will headline the “paranoia”-driven show, which sees the two dealing with the Skrulls infiltrating all life on Earth.

The duo will be joined by a plethora of MCU newcomers, including Happy Gilmore’s Christopher McDonald, Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke, and The Favourite’s Academy Award-winning actress Olivia ColmanSecret Invasion has also found its primary foe, with Kingsley Ben-Adir portraying the series’ lead villain. Spearheading the show and its stacked cast are two directors, that being Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim.

The MCU show is looking for another key character to join the growing cast…


Tucker Carlson Skrull

The Direct can confirm that Marvel Studios is looking to cast a Tucker Carlson-like news anchor to appear in Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion Disney+ series, as originally shared by Murphy's Multiverse and @SecretsUpdate on Twitter.

The news anchor role is for a lead white actor in his 50s, and the character, who is being described as needing to feel American in his personality, will appear in four out of the six total episodes of the Disney+ show.

Talk show host and political commentator Sean Hannity is also noted as an inspiration for the Secret Invasion anchor.


The addition of a news anchor character to Secret Invasion could be seen as a peculiar one at first, considering the more science-fiction nature of the Skrulls and how involved they seem to be in the narrative.

However, Secret Invasion’s paranoia aspect teased previously by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige may provide some insight into this important inclusion in the series.

An inflammatory news anchor could be just to get the public worried about the ‘threat’ of the Skrulls. With Secret Invasion drawing from the likes of Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity for the inspiration behind this character, perhaps this could even lead into allegories for misinformation campaigns about the alien race or framing the Skrulls as undocumented migrants.

The fact that this character is supposed to ‘feel American’ indicates that he will hold traditional values of the red, white, and blue, not wanting an outside threat to disrupt the American way.

While Secret Invasion does have a main villain in Ben-Adir, it is unknown how many Skrulls will be portrayed as foes in the series. The MCU subverted the portrayal of the alien race in Captain Marvel, positioning them as a benevolent species in contrast to their comic book counterpart. Perhaps a part of Secret Invasion will deal with some Skrulls attempting to assimilate peacefully into human civilization, which is then thwarted by the fear-mongering created by the news anchor.

The arrival of another news anchor on the scene could also warrant an alliance or rivalry with fellow media mogul J. Jonah Jameson. J.K. Simmons did tease that he was contracted for more future appearances with Marvel Studios. Could one of these actually be for Secret Invasion?

Ultimately, it seems that the social issues related to the Skrulls’ arrival on Earth will be delved into during Secret Invasion, which arrives on Disney+ in 2022.

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