Samuel L. Jackson's Secret Invasion: Actor Killian Scott In Talks For Marvel Disney+ Show

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Marvel has a lot of projects in the works right now. One of the Disney+ shows that has gotten a lot of attention recently has been Secret Invasion . It's a storyline that has long been desired by fans to see unfold on screen. Thankfully, Kevin Feige has seen fit to grant those wishes.

What's known so far is that the show will star and focus on Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos. The storyline will also play out much differently than that of its comic counterpart, seeing as the scale of that is impossible to pull off, with dozens and dozens of big names showing up to play a part.

Instead, it's likely that this Disney+ series will play out on a much more intimate and small scale. Over the past several weeks, there have been several casting announcements for those set to join Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn as they take on the secret Skrull infiltration. This includes the likes of Emilia Clarke and even Olivia Coleman .

Obviously, details on who anyone besides the leading duo is playing are nonexistent. For now, though, fans will just have to settle for learning about yet another face potentially joining the show...


Nick Fury

According to Deadline , actor Killian Scott is in talks to join the upcoming Marvel Disney+ show Secret Invasion . The actor's previous projects include the television series Love/Hate, Dublin Murders, and Damnation .


It's important to again note that Killian Scott is in negotiations and has not yet officially been cast. As for whom he could possibly be playing, the options are endless, and there's really no place to even start forming an educated guess.

It will be interesting to see how Marvel adapts the Secret Invasion storyline not only in the context of a Disney+ series but also that of the MCU's current status quo. Will fans see big names become involved in everything? The very end of Secret Invasion did potentially tease Monica's involvement after all.

Hopefully, soon, Marvel will unveil a little more information about what to expect going into the show. Until then, fans will have to wait until the confirmed 2022 release date . Knowing the quality of the Disney+ series to date, it's certain to be worth the wait.

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