Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Hot Toys Reveals Darth Maul Collectible Figure

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Darth Maul Hot Toys Figure, Darth Maul from The Clone Wars Season 7

Hot Toys collectibles and the Star Wars license now go hand-in-hand, with a vast array of figures releasing based on the popular franchise.

Recently, Hot Toys announced a figure based on the card player, gambler, and scoundrel, Lando Calrissian, in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back .

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been one series that has received many figures , re-imagining characters in a more realistic style. Fan-favorite characters Ahsoka Tano and the 501 Battalion Troopers have both received figures inspired by their looks in The Clone Wars season 7. Captain Rex has also received a figure , using Temuera Morrison's likeness for the head mold.

Rounding out The Clone Wars line comes a new collectible figure, this time being based on a popular Sith Lord...


Hot Toys revealed a new Darth Maul collectible figure based on his appearance in the seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars .

Darth Maul Hot Toys 1
From Hot Toys

Darth Maul sports his Sith robes and cybernetic legs, as well as his iconic dual-bladed lightsaber. Maul is seen here replicating the climactic scene during his fight with Ahsoka Tano.

Darth Maul Hot Toys 2
From Hot Toys

Like all Hot Toys collectibles, the figure has impeccable detail when viewed from up close. While based on his look from season 7, the figure also bears the likeness of his live action counterpart portrayed by Ray Park.

Darth Maul Hot Toys 3
From Hot Toys

The Darth Maul figure can also be de-robed, revealing his Nightbrother tattoos that cover his body.

Darth Maul Hot Toys 4
From Hot Toys

Darth Maul can also be posed alongside the Ahsoka Hot Toys collectible figure, which will allow collectors to recreate their duel in season 7.

Darth Maul Hot Toys 5
From Hot Toys

The figure also comes with the Mandalorian Sarcophogus as an accessory, which was used to house the Sith Lord for a short time. Darth Maul can be placed in the box, which suppressed his Force powers while inside. The accessory can, of course, be posed alongside figures of Ahsoka, Captain Rex, and Shock Troopers as well.

Darth Maul Hot Toys 6
From Hot Toys

The Mandalorian Sarcophogus Box is not the only accessory that the figure comes with though. The Darth Maul figure has eight interchangeable hands, a display base, a cloth hood, and alternate blades for Maul's lightsaber.

The reveal also came with a description of the new figure:

In the climatic final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Darth Maul orchestrated the siege of Mandalore™ as a means to draw Anakin Skywalker™ and Obi-Wan Kenobi™ to him with plans to kill Skywalker and deprive Darth Sidious™ of his new apprentice. When he was greeted by Ahsoka Tano™ instead, he made the most of the situation by offering to form an alliance, two outcast apprentices joining forces to put a stop to the creeping evil of the Sith. After clashing lightsabers in the throne room of the capital city, Ahsoka turned Maul's own weapon against him and was able to capture the former Sith Lord for the Republic.

Hot Toys is delighted to continue expanding its Star Wars: The Clone Wars collectible series by introducing the new 1/6th scale Darth Maul collectible figure from this acclaimed series! Skillfully crafted with authentic styling, the 1/6th scale collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with stunning likeness and separate rolling eyeballs system, finely tailored outfit, highly detailed mechanical legs, Maul’s iconic double-bladed lightsaber and interchangeable lightsaber blades emulating the weapon in motion, a selection of interchangeable hands for posing options, and a specially designed Mandalorian sarcophagus inspired box.

This amazing Darth Maul 1/6th scale collectible figure is definitely going to be a great addition for any Star Wars fans!

This is the third Hot Toys collectible figure based on Darth Maul and certainly matches the high bar of quality set by the previous figures. Hot Toys figures have been able to adapt the cartoonish, animated style of The Clone Wars into the more realistic style that they are known for, making for a refreshing take on the design.

While a release date has yet to be confirmed, collectors will want to keep an eye out for when they can add this Darth Maul figure to their Hot Toys collection.

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