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Spider-Man: No Way Home, Iron Spider

With Spider-Man: No Way Home rapidly approaching its theatrical release, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have ramped up their web-slinging promotion for Tom Holland's third solo outing. From brand-new posters to a plethora of promotional teasers, marketing materials seemingly from every corner of the Multiverse have revealed new details about the Spider-Man threequel.

A sit-down with three of the villainous actors of No Way Home revealed a few tidbits ahead of the film's release, such as the new motivations for Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin and Alfred Molina's initial hesitance to return as Doc-Ock. Electro actor Jamie Foxx also weighed in on his return, giving much praise for the "more comfortable" look of his character's redesign.

Several television spots also unveiled new footage from the film, including a crazed look at Willem Dafoe in his second Goblin outfit and rips in the fabric of the MCU Multiverse.

Even more footage for the film has now been released, teasing a new gadget for Peter and an uncomfortable fight with a fellow Avenger.

Spider-Man Falls With Style in New No Way Home Spot

Via Twitter user @sebbazz, a recently released television spot for Spider-Man: No Way Home includes several new shots that tease a trick up the Iron Spider's sleeve and Doctor Strange and Peter Parker's climactic faceoff.

One of the new pieces of footage shows Spider-Man flying into his battle with Doc-Ock using his Iron Spider costume, sporting similar web-wings seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming's Stark Suit and Spider-Man: Far From Home's Upgraded Suit.

Iron Spider with Gliders from No Way Home
Marvel Studios

After several shots present some of the Multiversal miscreants joining No Way Home such as Green Goblin and Electro, Ned Leeds enthusiastically exclaims, "Let's kick some Multiverse men!"

The teaser also teases the fight between the Sorcerer Supreme and Spider-Man on a New York City subway train, with Peter Parker seemingly carrying the mysterious box seen in other bits of footage. It appears that Strange is intent on getting the device back, prompting an Inception-inspired battle.

Doctor Strange from Spider-Man: No Way Home
Marvel Studios

A closer shot of Stephen Strange shows him wielding his magic as the world curves behind him.

Another new shot features Spider-Man in his red and black Upgraded Suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home hopping between floating boulders. This quickly cuts to an explosion of Sorcerer Supreme magic that causes fragmented ripples, which appear to chronologically follow the shot of the two heroes on the floating train. 

The full spot can be viewed below:


Spider-Man vs Doctor Strange

Spider-Man's MCU suits all have their own signature gizmos and gadgets, but the web-wings' inclusion here demonstrates that the accessories have become a mainstay in Peter Parker's arsenal.

The gliders date back to the wall-crawler's first comic book appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, with the MCU's version of Spider-Man being the first live-action web-slinger to use the devices. Perhaps Peter will use the winglets to better confront the Green Goblin, using his own gliders to chase after Norman Osborn's Goblin Glider.

The mysterious box that continuously keeps popping up throughout various No Way Home promos does indeed appear to be the cause of the rift between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, teasing the shift in their dynamic during the film. Why both parties want the device so badly remains to be seen, but it seems that the two Avengers' kerfuffle will put some strain on their relationship.

Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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