Star Wars Leak Reveals Spoilery The Bad Batch Plot Detail

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Warning - This article contains potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

While it will be a long time before the Star Wars franchise heads back into live-action, Lucasfilm still has The Bad Batch to tide fans over in the meantime.

The animated series follows a squadron of Clone Troopers first introduced in The Clone Wars Season 7, each specializing in a unique skill. The Bad Batch is expected to be even longer than the seventh season of The Clone Wars with composer Kevin Kiner indirectly confirming that the series would have at least 14 episodes

Little is known about the Disney+ show's narrative, but the official trailer teased how the Bad Batch will react to a galaxy set post-Order 66. The series' poster also indicated that Emperor Palpatine will have some presence in the animated adventure.

A recent leak has now shed some light on a potential plot detail in the show, possibly suggesting that there may be a traitor within the group's ranks...


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Via u/Echo_1409- on Reddit, LEGO leaker lego_fulcrum on Instagram shared new information about an upcoming set of The Bad Batch shuttle.

The leaker notes that Crosshair will make an appearance in the set as a minifigure but will be wearing Imperial armor. Additionally, Echo will not have his screwdriver-like hand for his minifigure.

The full leaked listing can be viewed below:


A post shared by Fulcrum (@lego_fulcrum)



Crosshair donning Imperial armor in The Bad Batch could have a few implications for the Disney+ show. 

It is possible the Clone is simply using the outfit as a disguise, a common trope in Star Wars properties. Alternatively, this costuming choice could indicate that Crosshair may betray his brothers in the series.

The trailer features numerous shots with the entirety of the Bad Batch in view minus Crosshair. It is possible that the sharpshooting Clone finds a home among his brainwashed brethren, deciding to side with the Emperor's forces instead.

When this potential turn may occur is unknown, but it would establish a worthy antagonist for the Bad Batch to go up against. Regular Clone Troopers are seen throughout the trailer for the most part, so it is possible that Crosshair will receive his Stormtrooper armor later on in the show.

Echo's minifigure using a regular hand also begs the question: could Echo receive a humanoid hand in the show? If Anakin Skywalker can receive a robotic lower arm in addition to a mechanical makeover later on, surely the Clone Trooper could be treated to an appendage that isn't a screwdriver.

LEGO is not known to make new molds for specialized hand pieces too often, though it has happened in the past. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether this design choice is due to a budgetary limitation or is actually significant to the plot of the show.

The Bad Batch premieres on Disney+ on May 4, 2021.

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