Star Wars: The Bad Batch Leaked Trailer Features Unexpected Character Returns (Updated)

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After the success of the seven-season run of Star Wars: The Clone Wars , Star Wars: The Bad Batch will open up the animated realm of the galaxy far, far, away. The series will follow Clone Force 99 , a group of unique clones that has “desirable” mutations, who were introduced in the final season of the Clone Wars last year.

The Bad Batch will revolve around daring missions of the enhanced clones while also filling in the gaps on what happened in-between the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. Aside from those plot details, not much has been revealed so far.

The animated show is also expected to feature several guest stars, and marketing has already confirmed that The Mandalorian 's Fennec Shand will be included in the narrative. Now, it seems that Fennec will not be the only surprise appearance in The Bad Batch .


Reddit user Skyrers unearthed an international promo spot for Star Wars: The Bad Batch , showcasing a brand-new look at the Clone Wars spinoff series.

The two-minute trailer features the elite group of clones training inside an Imperial base while Grand Moff Tarkin monitors them from afar. After that, a series of montage shots show the team in-action, carrying out missions for (potentially) the Empire and unknown clients.

A rundown of every member of the Bad Batch was also included in the trailer, giving each clone a moment to shine. On top of that, Ming Na-Wen's Fennec Shand was also featured in a brief sequence.

In surprising fashion, Captain Rex made an unexpected appearance alongside Saw Gerrera. Rex can be seen at the 1:29 mark while Guerrera can be spotted at the 1:43 mark.

Update : Disney+ officially posted the new trailer of Star Wars: The Bad Batch .

Alongside the trailer, Disney also revealed a poster for the upcoming animated series.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch
Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars : The Bad Batch” makes its debut on Tuesday, May 4, with a special 70-minute premiere, followed by new episodes every Friday starting on May 7.


The trailer manages to encapsulate the hard-hitting action of The Bad Batch while also providing a glimpse of emotional character moments. The addition of Captain Rex was surely unexpected, but it makes narrative sense for the character to at least be featured in a guest role, given his friendship with Cody.

At some point, when the backs of the Bad Batch are against the walls, it's possible that Cody would seek the help of Rex. This is because it was shown in the trailer that the Empire appears to be pursuing the whereabouts of the enhanced clones.

The inclusion of the famous Clone Wars character is a significant one for the series, considering that it gives viewers much-needed context on what happened to the veteran Clone Captain.

The montage of action shots combined with the rundown of every member of Clone Force 99 is a fitting way to refresh everyone's minds about the dangerous and calculating nature of the elite group.

Meanwhile, Saw Gerrera's involvement could hint that the series will feature his group known as the Partisans in some form. Given the character's importance in the fight against the Empire (as shown in Rogue One ), it's reasonable to assume that he will help the Bad Batch in a potential mission against Darth Vader and his forces.

All in all, this trailer should dial up the hype for Star Wars: The Bad Batch even more.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch will premiere on Disney+ on May 4, 2021.

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