Game of Thrones' Charles Dance and Narcos' Boyd Holbrook Join Netflix's The Sandman (Exclusive)

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The on-screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman has had a tumultuous development but will now finally get its chance as a Netflix series.

Being developed by Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg, The Sandman will finally bring Dream's story to the small screen. Though the project is currently filming in the United Kingdom, details on its cast have been scarce. English actor Tom Sturridge was reported to be in talks for the leading role, but his involvement has yet to be confirmed.

Information from Deadline suggested that Taron Egerton would be joining the series, though Neil Gaiman clarified that the Rocketman star's involvement with the DC Comics title doesn't extend beyond John Constantine in the Audible version of The Sandman.

Details have now surfaced surrounding two additions to the cast, helping to round out The Sandman's lineup of key characters.


Charles Dance The Sandman
Charles Dance - Roderick Burgess in The Sandman

Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) and Boyd Holbrook (Logan) are attached to supporting roles in Netflix's The Sandman, The Direct has exclusively learned.

Dance is portraying the Dream-catching Roderick Burgess while Holbrook will play The Corinthian.


Nightmare Corinthian Sandman Boyd Holbrook
Boyd Holbrook - The Corinthian in The Sandman

With two prestige actors joining the cast of The Sandman, it is apparent that Netflix and DC are putting all their efforts into this adaptation.

To recap, Roderick Burgess is one of Dream's primary adversaries, imprisoning him during the early 20th century after attempting to capture Death, another member of the Endless. Burgess attempts to bargain with Dream for his own gain but eventually passes on this task to his son, Alex Burgess, following his death. 

Charles Dance's casting as Roderick Burgess indicates that the Netflix show will be adapting Dream's century-spanning story quite closely, suggesting that a portion of the series will be set in the past. As Dance's role is limited to being a supporting character, Roderick Burgess may be present early on to kick off Dream's imprisonment before the reins are passed over to his son in a more prominent part.

In the Vertigo comic, The Corinthian is a nightmare created by Dream who goes against his intended purpose by becoming a serial killer on Earth. The character is known for wearing a pair of sunglasses, hiding his eyes that have been replaced by two sets of teeth. He is also capable of taking over the bodies of humans, replacing their eyes with his trademark pearly whites and draining the color from their hair.

With The Corinthian seeming to be an effects-heavy character, fans are interested to see how Netflix approaches his portrayal convincingly on a television budget. Boyd Holbrook is perhaps best known for his role as the villainous Donald Pierce in Logan, so is an apt choice to play the deranged Corinthian.

Filming for The Sandman is currently underway, with an expected release on Netflix sometime in 2021.

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