Did Marvel Just Spoil Eternals' MCU Settings With a New Monopoly Board?

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Gemma Chan as Sersi, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Monopoly Board

Marvel Studios is not shy about releasing products in tandem with its projects, manufacturing a wide array of merchandise to appeal to as much of the fanbase as possible. From Funko Pops! to Hot Toys Collectibles to replicas of Tom Holland's head, Marvel has got every corner covered.

This will extend to the MCU's next film, Eternals, which has already received several products ahead of its cinematic release. The obligatory Funko Pop! vinyl collaboration brings all of the Eternals into bobblehead form, in addition to a few other fey figures from the film.

Meanwhile, LEGO sets may have revealed some interesting details about the movie, such as the tease of a faceoff between the Eternals and the Celestial Arishem.

Now, Eternals has received another piece of promotional merchandise, which may be the most peculiar yet.

Did Monopoly Just Spoil Eternals?

Marvel announced a new piece of merchandise for Eternals, coming in the form of a Monopoly board inspired by the upcoming MCU film. 

This special Monopoly board can be pre-ordered now at Entertainment Earth.

Eternals Monopoly Board 1

The Monopoly Board has been completely refurbished with imagery of the Eternals, even branding the currency with the group's logo. The Chance and Community Chest spaces have been replaced with the Celestial Arishem and a peculiar golden ring. Could these rings tie in with the ones seen in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?

Eternals Monopoly Board 2

Tokens are included for each of the ten Eternals, allowing players to be their favorite member of the immortal group. This version of Monopoly switches up the gameplay slightly, as each Eternal has a unique ability that can be activated by rolling a golden cosmic die. 

Most notably, the board itself includes several key locations from the film, indicating that Eternals will indeed be a globetrotting and planet-hopping event. The order of the settings in relation to their value on the board could be reflective of their importance to the film's events or even their placement in the film's plot itself.

Fans previously knew that the Eternals existed on Earth for over 7,000 years, but Marvel has now revealed exactly what historical settings the film will be visiting. Judging from what is known from the movie, the board may be arranged to vaguely match the order of the film's events.

Low-value spaces seem to depict Eternals early moments, with higher-ranked spaces featuring events that will likely occur later on in the film.

The Brown Spaces


The first few spaces on the board depict places in ancient Mesopotamia, which include Seaside Cliffs and a Mesopotamian Fishing Village. These seem to be lifted from the Eternals' seemingly first arrival on Earth, which was previously seen in the film's first trailer.

The placement of a Deviant Attack space so close to this suggests that the Eternals' arrival will be swiftly interrupted by their adversaries. The artwork even indicates that  Mesopotamia warriors will be taking part in the battle as well, with a human bearing some sort of weapon preparing to face off against the Deviant.

Following that is the first transportation space: Ajak's horse. Salma Hayek's character has been shown riding horses in a few of the promo materials, but the space's placement is peculiar here considering the board is still in ancient times at that point. Ajak may gain a propensity for horseback riding early on in her lifespan, or the board may be overlapping time periods here and there.

The Light Blue Spaces


The light blue spaces venture into a more specific area of Mesopotamia, that being Babylon. A Babylon Marketplace is included on the board, in addition to famous Babylonian locations like the Gates of Babylon and the Hanging Gardens.

The latter was previously seen in a few of Eternals' trailers, with the several members of the team posing in front of the Gates of Babylon or the Ishtar Gate in the initial teaser and the Hanging Gardens being featured in a wider shot. Perhaps the Eternals were involved in guiding the construction of this ancient city prior to the fall of the Babylonian Empire.

Babylon will certainly be an important place in the film, as a previous casting call suggests that a Babylonian wedding will take place at some point in the film. Richard Madden's Ikaris and Gemma Chan's Sersi are potentially romantically involved, so perhaps this is where their relationship kicks off.

The Pink Spaces


The pink spaces explore a completely different civilization, shifting focus to the ancient city of Pataliputra in India. Perhaps a lesser-known location, Pataliputra was at one point one of the largest cities in the world, existing around the time of the Indian Emperor Ahsoka.

The board features a palace, a courtyard, and a Gupta Dye House, which should make for some interesting locales for the Eternals to visit. This could potentially be another city that the Eternals may give a little nudge to help along with its development.

A Celestial Sextant is also given a space, though its purpose in the film is unknown. Perhaps this advanced piece of technology will be how the Eternals navigate across the stars and stumble upon Earth in the first place.

The Orange Spaces


Breaking up the historical sights is the next transportation space: Sersi's rental car. It seems that, despite their long lives, some Eternals have ended up more well-off than others. Sersi has unfortunately gotten the short end of the stick, resorting to a rental car to embark on her superhero adventure. Hopefully, it doesn't fail on her.

The orange spaces themselves travel to yet another historic civilization: the Aztecs. An Aztec Village and Pyramid are featured, in addition to the Canals of Tenochtitlan. The canals were used to travel around the city of Tenochtitlan with ease.

This will likely take place during the time of the Spanish invasion of the Aztecs in the 16th Century, as indicated by the conquistadors in the artwork. Whether the Eternals will interfere here remains to be seen.

The Red Spaces


Eternals will also journey Down Under, as indicated by Gilgamesh's Cabin located near Ayers Rock in Australia. The sandstone formation is sacred to the Aboriginal people in the area, who could potentially be another group that the Eternals helped along.

Why Don Lee's Gilgamesh is holed up in the Australian Outback is unknown, though he could be watching over the Monument to the Celestials on the third red space. Whether humans or the Eternals created this tribute is unclear, but perhaps it acts as a means to commune with the ancient beings.

Sersi won't be needing her rental car for long, as Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo has transport of his own that blows hers out of the water. Kingo's Jet was seen briefly seen in Eternals' first official trailer and should provide a cushy mode of traveling for the group's adventures.

The Yellow Spaces


The yellow spaces return to South America, where the Eternals will visit the Amazon River. Though the mighty mass of water extends through three countries, the Shores of Lake Junin space indicate that the Eternals will end up in Peru to find Druig's compound. This marks at least two of the Eternals who have cut themselves off from the rest of society, which begs the question of why (more on that later).

Also slotted among the yellow spaces is another advanced artifact: a Celestial Astrolabe. Astrolabes were used to work out astronomical problems and acted as a model of the universe. The Celestial Version seems to be a more developed version of the tool, which may be used for navigational purposes in tandem with the sextant.

The Green Spaces


The green spaces depict a less exotic location in London, with the Camden Lock Bridge and a British Pub getting the spotlight. The pub may be where the relationship between Sersi and Kit Harington's Dane Whitman forms, allowing them to bond over a couple of pints and a few plates of bangers and mash. Adding to Eternals' historical focus, the London Museum is also featured, Sersi's place of work where she is posing as a museum curator.

The final piece of transportation is the Domo, the Eternals' main spacecraft. The ship being positioned away from Earth may suggest that the craft is leaving the planet at this point, possibly to seek out the Celestials in the third act of the film.

The Dark Blue Spaces


Rounding out the board are the most expensive properties: the dark blue spaces. The second most expensive space is the World Forge, which doesn't seem to have a basis in the comics. Given its otherworldly nature, perhaps this could be tied to the Celestials and what they used to manufacture lifeforms.

The penultimate space is reserved for Mah'd Wy'ry, which is a concept borrowed from the comics. Also known as the Eternal madness, Mah'd Wy'ry is an illness brought about the Eternals' immortality. Living extended lives had the chance to drive an Eternal mad, which could only be cured by killing an Eternal and reviving them with a backup of their consciousness and memories.

Its inclusion here indicates that Mah'd Wy'ry will be affecting at least one of the Eternals in the movie; the question is who? Perhaps Gilgamesh and Druig succumbed to the illness, explaining why they both chose to live away from human civilization in their later years.

The final space on the board is Olympia, which is the home of the Eternals in the comics. The location has been settled in various places on Earth, including Greece and Antarctica, so it will be interesting to see where it is positioned in the film.

This special Monopoly board can be pre-ordered now at Entertainment Earth in anticipation for Eternals' theatrical release on November 5, 2021.

Monopoly Eternals


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