Disney Spoils Every Time Period & Main Locations Featured in Marvel’s Eternals

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The next Marvel Studios film that fans will get to experience is Chloé Zhao's epic: Eternals. Set to be a far different experience than the previous outing in Shang-Chi, it will tell the story of the cosmic beings known as Eternals.

The tale will focus on this group over the course of thousands of years since the moment they arrived on Earth, which according to the trailer, was 7,000 years ago.

It's previously been confirmed Eternals will take place over multiple places in time, including after the events of Avengers: Endgame. To add to that, the locations in which the film visits look insane, with a wide range of exotic locations across the globe––including a massive erupting volcano.

The trailers have already shown off a diverse set of backdrops for the story to unfold, but now Disney has gone and released even more information on where fans can expect to see the team go.

Eternals Goes To Locations Throughout Time

Eternals Movie

Disney has now revealed loads of new details about Marvel Studios' upcoming film Eternals.

One of the filmmaker's driving factors, when it came to exploring the early history of the Eternals on Earth, was to explore parts of history that are not often depicted on screen.

First, the team will be seen in ancient Mesopotamia, 7000 BC, at the very dawn of civilization. Next is 5500 years later in ancient Babylon, where the cosmic family is shown to have assisted humans in building a society.

Additionally, Eternals will explore the Gupta Empire in 400 AD in Southeast Asia, as well as the fall of the Aztec Empire in 1521 AD.

When it comes to the locations seen in the MCU's modern-day, the team will be seen around Mumbai, South Dakota, Chicago, Alaska, Australia, and the Amazon forest.

This geographical range required creativity to find the right locations to simulate their environments.

It was noted that "director Chloé Zhao employs a naturalistic style of location-based filmmaking," as she wanted filming to take place at practical locations whenever feasibly possible.

Additional locations include London, the United Kingdom countryside, and several sites within the Canary Islands.

Will Fans See More Hidden Locations in Eternals?

There are still places in the trailers that aren't mentioned in this new dump of information. For one, there's the Eternals' spaceship, and an icy place that, based on the comics, could be Antarctica––though to be fair, it could technically be Alaska.

Also, not noted was anything not on Earth; in this case other planets. One of those would be Olympia, which is the Eternals' homeworld, a change from the comics made for their live-action debut.

Something that isn't clear is whether or not the film will take place in chronological order, or if the plot will jump back and forth between the various points in time revealed in this press release.

Fans don't have long to wait until they find out, with Eternals set to hit theaters worldwide on November 5 later this year.


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