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Marvel's Eternals Director Reveals Most Exciting Aspect of Movie

Angelina Jolie Eternals Kumail Nanjiani
By Russ Milheim

Originally slated to release last November, Marvel's Eternals is finally set to hit theaters this year. It's a highly-anticipated film and one that has shot even higher on fans' lists thanks to director Chloé' Zhao's recent Oscar win

Even Marvel seems blown away with what it has on its plate—though it's always a good idea to keep personal expectations in check. At the very least, signs are pointing to Marvel once again succeeding in pulling a group of characters out of comic obscurity and into the mainstream spotlight. 

Just recently, the very first trailer for the film dropped. It's no surprise that the footage looked incredible, and audiences are about to witness an MCU unlike anything they've ever seen. 

While plenty of fans are excited, what about Chloé Zhao herself?


Eternals Gemma Chan

During an interview with Total Film, via Twitter, Chloé Zhao was on hand to discuss her highly anticipated film from Marvel Studios, Eternals.

Zhao was quick to note what excites her most about her film, saying "that world-building" is at the top of that list:

"To me what's most exciting about Eternals is that world-building."

It's not just the world that excites her, there's also a huge element of the film that she claimed "you just can never predict:"

"I love building a world and then you put people in that world and they create chemistry with each other that you just can never predict, and you have to roll with the punches a little bit once you see that chemistry. It's exciting for me."

Of course, there's much more about the movie that is noteworthy, including the huge milestone of having the world's first deaf and gay superheroes in a Marvel movie. This comes in the form of Lauren Ridloff's Makkari and Brian Tyree Henry's Phastos respectively. 


Zhao's points of excitement are definitely shared with many. The world-building specifically is going to bring audiences into an entirely new space and spin a tale in corners of the Marvel universe that fans have yet to even realize exists.

Plenty of other interesting world-building elements were seen in the trailer. This includes some strange and many visual references to Captain America's shield—including the flat-out mention of the beloved Avengers, and what their status is. Interestingly enough, though, no Celestials were seen in the first glimpse of the film.

As for the unexpected chemistry between cast members and their characters, that's always something that is the high point of many ensemble pieces. It's no different here, and that dinner scene at the end of the Eternals trailer certainly points to a fun dynamic at play throughout the film.

Many are excited for Eternals to finally be seen, but fans will have to wait just a little longer until November 5, 2021 finally rolls around.