MCU's Infinity Ultron Takes Over Funko With His Own Pop! Figure

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Infinity Ultron, Funko What If

What If...? has been an interesting ride for Marvel StudiosThe show has explored completely new territory and been able to show ideas within the MCU that haven't been possible in live-action.

The show has been responsible for the likes of Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter and the late Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa Star-Lord while also taking a crack at the famous Marvel Comics storyline Marvel Zombies. Fans even got an episode about a Thor who likes to throw raging parties.

What If...?'s most recent episode struck gold for many as it revealed the story of an Ultron who had successfully transferred his consciousness into Vision's body—leading to the destruction of Earth. Stark's invention then goes on to acquire all of the Infinity Stones, becoming a threat to the entire multiverse.

For those that loved the character, Funko has now officially unveiled its figure for what is now being dubbed as Infinity Ultron.

What If...? Infinity Ultron Revealed

Infinity Ultron What If
Marvel Studios

Funko officially unveiled its Pop! figure for What If...?'s recent villain: Infinity Ultron. A photo of the menacing murder bot can be seen below:

Marvel, What If, Ultron

This Funko Pop! of the multiversal threat can be pre-ordered here at Entertainment Earth.

Infinity Ultron... The Almighty?

An interesting note to this reveal is how Funko notes the figure as Infinity Ultron while Entertainment Earth has him named as The Almighty—a strange name to choose when it hasn't officially been said yet in the show. Maybe that's the name he will go by in the finale?

Out of all of the Marvel Studios Disney+ offerings, What If...? has had the largest offerings to date when it comes to the amount of Funko Pops! that are being produced. Some examples include an entire mini-line for the show's fifth zombie installment and one for the Dora Milaje from Killmonger's episode.

The finale is next week, and with it will surely come more Funko Pops. After all, The Watcher doesn't even have his own figure—there's no way fans aren't going to be getting one for him. 

What If...?'s Season 1 finale will stream exclusively on Disney+ on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. 

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