Tom Holland Receives Scarily Realistic Avengers: Infinity War Spider-Man Statue

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While Marvel Studios continues to push out top-notch content nearly by the week, Marvel's merchandising team is also hard at work developing exciting new products for fans to purchase for their collections.

At the forefront of the merchandising movement are companies like Hot Toys, who regularly produces content in bulk centered around the MCU's biggest heroes. Releases for Funko Pops! are always expected both before and after the MCU's current release at any given time, giving MCU fans a tease of both expected appearances and the many surprises hidden in the movies and Disney+ shows.

MCU merchandise not only helps to get fans excited for what's coming, but also to celebrate the franchise's expansive history that's been building for 13 years to date. This comes in yet another new collectible item - one that may look as realistic as any piece of merchandise can get.

Tom Holland Immortalized In MCU Bust

Toyark revealed the first look at a hyper-realistic bust depicting Tom Holland's Spider-Man from Avengers: Infinity War, manufactured by Queen Studios. 

Spider-Man Tom Holland Bust 2

The bust captures Holland's exact facial features, all the way down to the flippy hairstyle he sports as Peter Parker

Spider-Man Tom Holland Bust 1

This figurine shows off multiple patterns used in the Iron Spider costume with a full set of plating to complete the look.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Bust 3

While the bust doesn't capture the entire Iron Spider suit, it encapsulates the plating and coloring fans have seen in the MCU since its debut in 2018.

 Spider-Man Tom Holland Bust 4

Holland's bust is looking off into the distance with an expression that means business.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Bust 5

This bust is so realistic that it captures nearly every hair on Holland's head as accurately as possible, even though fans will likely never get that close of a look at the hero's dome.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Bust 6

The bust is complete with an Iron Spider-inspired base that boasts the red and blue colors, along with plenty of technological imagery to match.

The piece of memorabilia will be available for purchase in late 2022 at a price of $3,680.

A Picture Perfect MCU Tom Holland For Sale

Even considering how top-notch collectibles based on the MCU usually turn out, this bust of the Iron Spider is almost frighteningly realistic in its design and final result. Everything down to the pores on Tom Holland's face is replicated nearly perfectly compared to the real man himself. At more than two feet tall, the size will give the piece a presence in any home.

Along with Holland's face coming fully to life in this bust, the Iron Spider suit looks about as real as possible with the plating on the shoulders and the vibrant colors straight from the MCU movies. It's abundantly clear that the development team put countless hours into making this bust look as good as possible, and even with the price tag being so high, it appears to be worth the cost.

With the Iron Spider being one of the most iconic costumes in the MCU, this piece puts forth its best effort to do the friendly neighborhood Iron Spider justice. The bust will be available for purchase in late 2022.

Avengers: Infinity War is available to stream on Disney+

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