Spider-Man: No Way Home: 18 Easter Eggs & Hidden Details From New Trailer

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The war is over, the battle is won, and the Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser trailer is finally here. 

After the second-longest wait for a teaser in MCU history, Sony and Marvel Studios planned to release one of the most anticipated comic book movie trailers of all time exclusively at CinemaCon, and then for the public online immediately afterward. Naturally, the trailer was leaked online the day before, turning the internet landscape into a minefield of potential spoilers for the then-upcoming first look. "Did you watch the No Way Home leak?" will be a question fans will be asked by their grandchildren someday. 

All of this led to a chaotic 24 hours of filtering tweets, avoiding friends, and choosing sides. This coming off the heels of one of the most bizarre marketing campaigns ever seen. Toys, t-shirts, behind the scene photos, and WILD cast interviews were all that gave clues to what Spider-Man: No Way Home will be about. This only led to speculation and rumors running wild, as this movie has been attached to more cameos hitherto undreamt of. 

The majority of those cameo rumors featured heroes and villains alike from each of the non-MCU Spider-Man movie franchises. For months, moviegoers have been trying to guess how, why, when, and what version of these characters could/would be appearing in the MCU. With the trailer arriving historically close to the movie's release date of December 17, 2021, these speculations turned into anxiety and frustration fueled by curiosity and a constant need for content. 

Finally, the Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser trailer has arrived. The MCU fan base should take a moment to reflect on how amazing that experience was for nerd culture. Despite the leaks, the interviews, and the wild fan theories, this trailer's release was a true "where were you" moment in comic book movie history. 

Here is a look at 18 details, Easter eggs, and key moments from the instant-classic trailer. It is highly suggested readers hum the Spider-Man theme song as they read through this list.  


Spider-Man, Peter Parker, MJ, Ditko
Marvel Studios

In the first official shot of the trailer following a highlight stinger, there is a shot of Peter and MJ laying atop of a New York rooftop to get away from the chaos of being publicly revealed as one of the world's most famous super people. In the background of this shot, you can see the name "DITKO" spray painted on a rooftop wall. This is a shout-out to the legendary comic book artist and visual creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, Steve Ditko. 

This is an example of the comic book movie genre constantly using every square inch of the screen to pay homage to the panel-to-panel past it is built on. Steve Ditko's involvement in the legacies of both Peter Parker and Stephen Strange earns him an Easter Egg spot in the duo's first full live-action story. 


Spider-Man, MJ
Marvel Studios

One of the first things that trailer reviewers will look at is the outfits worn throughout each scene. This can be a great indicator of time to help realize when a story is taking place. This teaser featured MJ in the same outfit she was wearing in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which means this film is likely to pick up right where the last left off. 

After his identity is revealed, fans saw a look of shock and panic from Peter Parker before the credits hit on Far From Home. The teaser trailer for No Way Home indicates that the immediate repercussions of that reveal are tough to deal with. Shots show Peter and MJ getting swarmed by citizens wanting a picture of New York's newest superhero. This leads to Peter taking MJ up to the top of a bridge in the city, where they are immediately surrounded by news helicopters. 

It seems that both Peter and MJ will instantly be feeling the pressure of Marvel's most famous secret identity being revealed. 


Spider-Man, Peter Parker
Marvel Studios

Following up the reveal of his identity from J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker finds himself on the wrong end of public opinion in New York City, being labeled "Public Enemy Number One" by the Daily Bugle, and hated by newspapers and picketers alike. In a scene showing Parker being interrogated about the death of Mysterio, it seems the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man may be the victim of a frame job. 

There is plenty of merchandise to support this subplot to the movie, with people "Believing In Mysterio" and newspapers asking if Spidey is "Friend or Foe". This is another added pressure to the world suddenly knowing Peter is Spider-Man and a clear example of the pros of keeping his identity a secret. 

Another moment of note in the sequence showing how hated Peter has become, there is a picketing sign of the iconic Peter Parker class photo with devil horns and a goatee labeling Peter as a "Devil In Disguise". While this is most likely nothing and more likely a nod to a potential risk-taking lawyer, most fans will surely go straight to what they are familiar with and reconfirm Mephisto into the MCU


Damage Control
Marvel Studios

When Peter is in that interrogation, he is being asked about the death of Mysterio and the use of the Stark Drones in the event. The man who is asking the questions has a jacket with the letters "DODC". This shows that this interrogator is working for the Department of Damage Control, first seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The DODC is the government organization funded by Tony Stark to clean up after a superhero event leaves a trail of destruction. 

It would make sense that the DODC would have a department monitoring and tracking down superheroes who have acted against the Sokovia Accords. Peter being framed for the murder of Mysterio in London would lead to some questions for the teenage hero. 


Peter Parker, Matt Murdock
Marvel Studios

In one of the most popular shots in the teaser, there is a look at a man in that interrogation room who could be a huge player in the multiversal rules of the MCU. A stack of files is slammed in front of Peter as he curiously looks up at whoever this person is. If Peter is in legal trouble for his role as Spider-Man, it would make sense that he would have legal counsel present. 

This immediately leads fans to believe that these could be the arms of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. Charlie Cox portrayed the Devil of Hell's Kitchen for three seasons on Netflix's Daredevil and has been rumored to appear in this movie. With so many actors reprising roles from non-MCU universes in this movie, this is just another piece of this mysterious puzzle. 

Or it very well could be nothing at all. 


Aunt May, Ned, MJ, Happy Hogan
Marvel Studios

Peter's greatest fear has become a reality and his identity is no longer a secret. For a person who has gone toe-to-toe with Thanos, Peter's loved ones being in danger has always been the biggest threat in his world. A classic Spider-Man storyline that gives this character that heart which makes him such a fan-favorite. 

For the first time in live-action, fans are going to see what it really means for the world to know who is under the mask. The MCU has been looser with the comic book lore than films past, with Aunt May, Ned, Happy, and MJ all knowing Peter's super-alter-ego. Now that the world is on to him, the ones he cares about the most are in danger like never before. How will Peter handle that moving forward?


Peter Parker, Stephen Strange
Marvel Studios

The trailer takes a turn from the daunting and stressful identity crisis to a dark and creepily whimsical scene featuring the Sorcerer Supreme. Peter looks to the mystical to solve his identity problems and asks Doctor Strange point blank if there is any way to reverse Mysterio revealing his identity. This is one of the most infamous Spider-Man comic book runs "One More Day" brought to life. 

When asking Strange if he would do him a favor, the Doctor asks Peter to drop the formalities and call him by his first name. He instead suggests that because they "saved half the universe" together they are way past "sir". This is a charming back and forth that calls back to these two having a great dynamic alongside Tony Stark in Avengers: Infinity War. 

When arriving at the Sanctum Sanctorum, there is something off about everything. Peter walks in on the classic MCU location covered in ice and snow as if someone left the freezer open during the duration of the Blip. Strange is also wearing the REI version of his iconic comic outfit with a navy blue snow jacket and sweatpants, still accompanied by his magical cape sidekick. 

These are not the only things slightly off in the land of the mystic though. 


Wong, Doctor Strange
Marvel Studios

The overall vibe of Doctor Stephen Strange throughout this trailer seemed oddly out of character. He seems to have somewhat reverted to the more arrogant version of himself fans got to know at the beginning of Doctor Strange. This, coupled with the icy interior of the Sanctorum and his charismatic willingness to help Peter, hints toward more happening with Strange than meets the eye. 

This is emphasized by his trusty right-hand man Wong being very stern with Strange, warning him not to cast the spell Peter is asking him to perform. Wong quickly leaves through a sling-ring portal, perhaps to go fight Abomination as seen in the Shang-Chi trailer footage. Once Wong exits, there is a focus on a shot of Strange giving a very mischievous wink, hinting that he is going to play by no one's rules but his own. 

The question for many moving forward will be: what is going on with Stephen Strange?


Marvel Studios

When it comes down to it, Doctor Strange seems to be willing to help Peter and perform a spell that will fix his problems. Strange's solution is a trick that will cause everyone in the world to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. As he starts making things happen, Peter realizes this will also include Ned, Aunt May, and MJ. While his number one problem of keeping them safe is fixed, he starts getting cold feet about losing that special connection with those people.

Peter tries to express these concerns with Strange, but the ball seems to have already begun to roll and Strange cannot stop it. In fact, it gets to a point where Peter's interruption causes Strange to lose control. This leads to various multiversal animations flashing across the screen as Strange reels in his mistake. This leaves both heroes shocked and wondering if their meddling had gone too far. 


Peter Parker, Doctor Strange, Kang
Marvel Studios

The meat of this trailer picks up after the turning point moment of Doctor Strange losing control of Peter's identity spell. A voiceover hears Strange say that he and Peter have messed with space-time and that usually means bad things. Fans know Doctor Strange to be a calculating and careful wizard that puts the safety of his world above all else. That is why it is so concerning that Strange would take such a risk if the result could be so problematic. 

Unless the rules have changed since Strange last read them and that caused this spell to get out of hand. Viewers of Loki know that, after the season finale, the multiverse has been cracked open and there are parallel universes coexisting in a way that opens the doors to multiple possibilities. When Strange was performing the spell, he conjured three rings stacked on top of each other, in a very similar way to the way He Who Remains displayed how the multiverse works. 

Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts conjure energy throughout the multiverse in order to perform their spells. If this particular spell reached far enough outside the Sacred Timeline and Strange was unaware of the new rules after the events of Loki, it could be possible that Strange unknowingly unleashed a fragments of the multiverse onto the world.


Peter Parker, Doctor Strange
Marvel Studios

Strange tells Peter Parker "The problem is you trying to live two separate lives. The longer you do it, the more dangerous it becomes." This could be pointing to a Nexus event, a concept also learned in Loki, that sets the course Parker and Strange were on down the wrong path. In one of the highlight screen grabs of the trailer, Strange Astral Projection-punches Spider-Man to reveal the spiritual form of Peter Parker on the other side. 

The idea that Peter is dealing with his identity in both letter and law is one that could make for a very interesting story. The recent synopsis of the movie that was released shortly after the trailer reveals that Peter Parker will have to evaluate what being Spider-Man really means. There is plenty of room to run with power and responsibility at the forefront of all of these identity decisions. Executing that story while balancing the legal and mystical sides of this crisis will be the real challenge. 


Spider-Man falling through New York
Marvel Studios

This pairing of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man has been one that is embedded into the lore of Marvel Comics. The universe's most mystical and magical hero teaming up with the friendly neighborhood web-slinger has always hit so well in the panels. This trailer, however, teases a possibility that Strange and Parker may not see eye to eye throughout the entire film. Multiple scenes show what looks to be Doctor Strange going after Peter Parker in the mirror dimension. 

These fights have been taught in Doctor Strange to be inconsequential to the outside world, but very real to the participants inside. After breaking open the multiverse in their own story, is there a reason for Strange and Spidey to be going after each other like this?

The soundbite of the trailer heading into the shocking final section is Stephen Strange angrily warning Parker to "be careful what you wish for". This ominous message leaves a load of questions to be answered going into No Way Home. What Peter asked for was for people to forget he is Spider-Man. What could be the biggest repercussion of the most literal truth of that request?


Peter Parker, Spider-Man
Marvel Studios

One thing that was heavily featured in the promotional artwork for this movie ahead of the teaser trailer is the various suits Spider-Man wears throughout the movie. In this trailer, there is an obvious lack of focus on the suits compared to what was expecting going in. The suits shown are the Iron Spider suit, the Black and Red Bosco suit from Far From Home, and what appears to be a black and yellow suit built to fight a shocking foe. That being said, the trailer did feature three Spider-Man suits that are sure to play a big role in the story and action of the movie. 

The suits left off the list are the Integrated suit and magical suit featured in toy and merchandise art. These threads may be left out of the trailer to hide their importance to the story. Or maybe there is a bigger emphasis on which suit Peter wears because he may not be the only webhead in this movie. There are appearances that would hint at that being the case. 


Now for the reason everyone showed up at the party. The rumors of returning villains have been the talk of every Spider-Man cocktail party in 2021. The teaser trailer could have given the fans a crumb, and they would have cheered as if it was a feast. Instead, this trailer hinted at five different villains, all of whom have been key parts of the non-MCU Spider-Man universes.

Five is not the sexy number Spidey fans are looking for in this situation though. The Sinister Six is one of the biggest Spider-Man factions of all time and highlights the impressive and legendary rogues' gallery for the kid from Queens. With five villains clearly teased in this spot, there is a clear empty chair at the table waiting to be filled. 

But who showed up for dinner on time?


Marvel Studios

In a blink and you'll miss it screen, Peter is attacked by a shadowy figure behind him before being stopped by a magical barrier. It took some enhancing in the picture to notice, but many believe this mysterious figure is none other than Lizard. The villain from the first of the TASM movies has a new look and possibly a new attitude, but this is a welcoming surprise for all Spidey fans. 

There is a lot to speculate about the location in this scene as it seems Lizard is held up in some sort of magical prison, assumingly created by Stephen Strange. 


Electro, Sandman, Spider-Man
Marvel Studios

Two more villains who appear without being clearly seen or heard are Electro and Sandman. Electro is expected to be played by Jamie Foxx, who portrayed the electric villain in the second TASM film. With a new/old yellow tint to his electricity, this is the biggest sign yet at a variant of a character fans once knew, as opposed to a continuation of the same character. Foxx is never seen in the trailer, but his powers are all over and undeniably after Peter Parker. 

Surprisingly, it seems that Peter is being protected by an Electro blast in one frame by the legendary Sandman. There have been rumors of Thomas Haden Church returning to his role from Spider-Man 3 but nothing is official yet. That being said, Sandman is almost definitely a part of this story in one way or another and as suggested by the next two reveals, it is hard not to assume it is original actors across the board. 


Green Goblin
Marvel Studios

In one of the most chill-inducing moments in MCU trailer history, an orange and green explosive bomb rolls onto the screen with a faint but familiar cackle right behind it. This is undeniably the same bomb and laugh from the first-ever live-action Spider-Man movie. While it is not visually confirmed that Willem Dafoe will return as Norman Osborn atop his Green Goblin Glider, all signs point to that being the case. 

The nostalgia with this reveal hit fans right in the feels, but it does raise some questions about the long-term effects of these multiverse sinister villains. If this is in fact Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin coming after Peter Parker, does that take Norman Osborn off the table moving forward? With such a powerful political figure in Marvel Comics having so many ties to things outside the world of Spidey, that would be a tough card to burn for Marvel Studios. 


Doc Oc

And finally, the last shot of the trailer is our first multiversal villain to show some face, as Doctor Otto Octavius makes his way onto the same bridge the Green Goblin bomb was on and he is being played by Alfred Molina himself. The most vocal about his return, Molina was bound to be chosen to break the ice and be the first returning actor on screen. First, they show the tentacles and then climb up the villain as similar nostalgia rushes over fans with another Raimi villain. 

Doc-Ock has been touted as one of the greatest comic book movie villains for years. This appearance in the trailer has set up expectations that fans need to strap in and get ready, because anything and everything can and will be happening in this movie and Molina as Doc-Ock is proof. 


That was a wild ride. The ups and downs will be remembered for years to come and this will be a fan event few forget in the future. From the dark-toned identity crisis to the return of a villain from a different cinematic franchise back in the early 2000s, this trailer had it all. Which implies that this movie has it all.

For all the speculation and guessing done as to what, how, and who would be involved in this film, everyone was simultaneously correct while still being left with so many questions. Hype for this project could not have gotten much higher going into this trailer, but they seemed to have found one more level. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home releases exclusively in theaters on December 17, 2021. 


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