Spider-Man 3: Is That Daredevil In the No Way Home Trailer?

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Spider-Man No Way Home Daredevil

Spider-Man: No Way Home has arguably been surrounded by more wild theories and speculation than any film in MCU history. With every past Marvel character from Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man to Charlie Cox's Daredevil rumored to be playing a role, it's safe to say the cameo potential of this sequel is truly insane.

Despite controversy surrounding Marvel TV, Charlie Cox's superhero lawyer proved to be a favorite among fans as the Daredevil Netflix series amassed a huge cult following and critical acclaim. 

While much of the Marvel TV world including Agents of SHIELD remains somewhat disconnected from the wider MCU, recent rumors have indicated Cox will be making his return in No Way Home

Extra listings during the film's production confirmed the web-slingers next adventure will include a courtroom sequence. This casting call, combined with some recent reports, has led to speculation Matt Murdock will serve as Peter Parker's lawyer, as he is falsely accused of Mysterio's murder following the shocking cliffhanger of Far From Home

Now that the first teaser trailer for No Way Home has hit the internet, theories have begun to emerge surrounding how Daredevil could tie into the film, with some even believing Charlie Cox could be hidden within the trailer.


For some time, Charlie Cox has been rumored to reprise his role as superhero lawyer Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Homeand the first trailer appears to have teased his long-awaited return.

After Mysterio exposed Peter Parker's Spider-Man identity while simultaneously framing him for Quentin Beck's murder in Far From Home, Tom Holland's hero has clearly been left in some significant legal trouble and in desperate need of a lawyer.

One particular scene shows Parker in an NYPD interview room being interrogated by an agent from the Department of Damage Control. Meanwhile, several shots throughout the trailer appear to show both Ned and Aunt May seated in separate interrogation rooms.

Ned Leeds No Way Home Interrogation
Marvel Studios

During one interview room shot, a white-shirted man is shown to slam a stack of documents down next to Peter Parker. While the man's face is never shown, the look of confusion Peter gives him appears to be friendly, leading some to speculate this may be his lawyer.

Charlie Cox Matt Murdock No Way Home Trailer
Marvel Studios

The man's style of a jacketless white shirt and tie with rolled-up sleeves does seem to resemble the attire Matt Murdock often wore previously in Daredevil.


Another shot in the trailer offers a better look at a similarly dressed figure, who is likely the same person. The darkness of the scene makes it impossible to see the man's face with any clarity, but there does seem to be a small resemblance to Charlie Cox.

No Way Home Matt Murdock in Suit
Marvel Studios

While it's hard to determine who this is with any certainty, past rumors that Cox will reprise his superhero role along with reports No Way Home will include a courtroom scene have led many to conclude this could be Murdock featured in the trailer.

However, as this well-dressed man is shown to be walking with his arms crossed, when Matt Murdock is famously blind, it's hard to believe this could be Charlie Cox's hero. While Daredevil obviously doesn't need his cane to function due to his other enhanced senses, he typically carries it in public to hide his powers.


Peter Parker is clearly in some serious legal trouble after being falsely accused of Mysterio's murder. Granted, he will no doubt be out of that mess once Doctor Strange casts his spell to wipe the world's memory of Spider-Man's secret identity, but Parker will likely still be in big trouble during the opening act.

Having historically proven himself as an excellent lawyer, Murdock ought to be a great help in proving Peter's innocence in front of a court. But it's possible the trial may not go all the way, as Strange's magical endeavors should get him out of the mess instead

Fans have been anxiously waiting for some time now to see Charlie Cox return as Matt Murdock after the cancellation of the popular Daredevil Netflix series. But assuming Murdock's role is entirely in a legal capacity and he misses out on the superhero action later in the film, Cox may not don the Daredevil suit for his No Way Home role.

Given the anticipation surrounding Daredevil's return, Sony and Marvel may continue to keep his role shrouded in mystery until No Way Home eventually releases into theaters.

Popular Daredevil villain Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin will reportedly return in the Hawkeye Disney+ series, due to his connections with Alaqua Cox's deaf hero Echo. With Vincent D'Onofrio supposedly reprising his role for the streaming venture, this could be an opportune time for Daredevil to make his next MCU appearance.

The blind hero has shared a romantic relationship with Echo in past Marvel Comics, so her upcoming spin-off series could be the perfect place for Matt Murdock to play a larger role and to suit up for some action.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021. 

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