Spider-Man 3: No Way Home Producer Acknowledges Fans Who Are Going Crazy for Trailer & Announcements

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Fans were going crazy over the release of the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, especially given how Avengers: Infinity War ended and no one knew the film's title at that point. Anticipation was high. After all, there is a reason that it smashed records when it finally did drop.

Now fans are starting to truly believe, that the wait and hype for the first Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is reaching those levels, getting more and more excited all the longer they go without seeing anything.

When a film is rumored to feature all of the live-action Spider-Men on screen together, fighting against their own various past villains, it'll do that. 

The bigger question is, how aware of it are the folks over at Marvel Studios or Sony? Well, the Marvel Studios CEO and President has an answer:


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In an interview with Cinemablend, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige acknowledged all the fuss that is circulating online when it comes to Spider-Man: No Way Home, especially since there has yet to be a trailer for the film.

For the MCU producer, "it has not necessarily occurred to [him] that it is any more or less secret..:"

"Honestly, I've seen the fervor online. It has not necessarily occurred to me that it is any more or less secret than any of our other projects. I think all of our projects... we want to preserve surprises. That's all the secrecy is for."

Feige confirmed that the film "will be in theaters on December 17" while sarcastically adding that "there will be a trailer before that, [fans] can be assured."


Sooner or later, audiences will get the trailer. There are a lot of conspiracies out there, but rest assured the MCU faithful won't be walking into theaters without having seen a single frame of the film. 

With Eternals having just released their supposed last trailerSpider-Man: No Way Home is the last MCU film this year that has yet to get any sort of teaser. It's about time, and there's no doubt Sony is aware. 

Part of the delay is likely due to the Delta Variant rampaging around the world. In fact, it was responsible for delaying Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and there's no telling if more delays are to come. Hopefully, Sony is able to figure things out and get the people what they want.

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