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Spider-Man: No Way Home: 20 Easter Eggs & Hidden Details In New Trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Easter Eggs
By Matt Roembke

Spider-Man: No Way Home will go down as one of the most unique and widely discussed marketing campaigns of all time. 

From the second-longest wait in MCU history for the teaser trailer to the incredibly polarizing poster designs, to the actual fan event for the premiere of the second trailer featuring Tom Holland himself, the promotion alone around this movie is as big as fans have ever seen. This makes sense for a movie that has been dubbed by Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore as "Spider-Man: Endgame." This movie is a special kind that allows people to remember the weeks leading up to it for years to come. 

The second trailer arrived and the road toward No Way Home is barreling toward its final stop. All that is left is the premiere, a few press reactions, and it will be time for the world to witness "three generations of Spider-Man coming together." 

What fans knew going into this was that this was a Spider-Man movie featuring Doctor Strange, Doctor Octopus, and a Green Goblin bomb from the Raimi days. Whatever the problem is, it revolves around Peter Parker and Strange trying to cast a spell that undoes Mysterio revealing Peter's identity as Spider-Man to the world. And that there is going to be a bridge fight, a seemingly extended bridge fight. 

Rumors. Spoilers. Leaks. It is all a huge part of this journey for fans, as anyone with their ear to the ground has heard the rumblings of just how big this movie could be. And it all factors into the expectations set by superfans and laymen moviegoers alike.

There is so much that was shown in this trailer that confirmed things audiences have been wondering about for more than a year. But just the same, the omissions may speak louder than what viewers actually got. 

The first trailer gave fans a taste of what this epic Spider-Man story has in store. Here is everything you need to know from the Official Trailer #2 second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The Forgotten Origin Story of Peter Parker in the MCU

Peter Parker

The trailer opens up with a shot of Tom Holland's Peter Parker looking as defeated and saddened as any hero in any movie ever. This is surely a sign that things are about to go extremely wrong for our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. 

The voiceover for this opening sequence of familiar footage has Peter reference to MJ the original storyline that has eluded the MCU's Peter Parker for five years. Peter says "ever since I was bitten by that spider..." which is, of course, a reference to the radioactive arachnid that gave Peter his spidey-like abilities. 

In the MCU, Peter Parker was introduced six months after his infamous bite and the beginning of his superhero journey, thus skipping the origin story shown in live-action for both the Raimi and The Amazing Spider-Man (TASM) runs. This is the first time a movie has referenced that radioactive spider since 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming.  

The Botched Peter Parker Spell

Strange and Spidey Spell

Doctor Strange lays it all out for Peter and the audience. The first trailer introduced the idea of Peter Parker going to Strange to hopefully reverse the curse of everyone on Earth knowing he is Spider-Man. This spell seemingly goes very, very wrong. Thus, the movie now has a plot. 

In the second trailer, Strange seemingly picks up just after he has realized what is going on. He exclaims that ever since Peter botched that spell, 'we have been getting visitors from every universe." This proves many theorists in comic book movie fandom correct that the attempt to reverse the reveal of Peter Parker as Spider-Man caused the Multiverse to somehow break open and for familiar foes to join the mix. 

It is interesting how defensive Doctor Strange seems to be about Peter being the one to botch the spell. Obviously, Peter could have done something physically that would interrupt the process and caused things to go wrong. But at the end of the day, Strange is a man who brings thousands of Avengers and soldiers onto a battlefield at one time. If Peter simply interrupting caused the spell to go that poorly, then maybe the Sorcerer Supreme should have listened to his sidekick, and new MCU fan favorite, Wong. 

Inside Out Spidey-Suit


Before the trailer gets to those visitors and what they could be all about, fans get their best look yet at one of the newest Spider-Man suits. This Black and Gold suit appears to have a multi-purpose identity and a theory that makes it super interesting. 

The theory is that this suit is simply Tom Holland's suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home turned inside out. This would explain the frayed wiring and copper nature of the suit's details. This is also a way to explain how Peter might be able to combat a villain like Electro. With such a high-tech suit, turning it inside out could have a comic book science explanation to reverse the polarity of some electric something. Comic books. 

This is an intriguing suit for a variety of reasons, the least of which is how great it looks in live-action. This coloring is sure to sell more toys the second it appears on the screen. And the story reasoning for the suit is sure to be just as exciting if the MCU sticks to its guns. 

The Bridge Scene With Doc Ock

Doc Ock Bridge

The bridge scene of this movie has quickly become a meme as it has been a focal point of basically every piece of marketing material before this trailer. This trailer, however, does give a bit more of that sequence with some dialogue that was a breakthrough moment for the clarity of this film. 

Doctor Octopus has pinned Tom Holland's Peter Parker against a wall and begins tearing away at the Iron Spider suit. As the suit protects Peter's torso while also revealing his face as Tom Holland, Alfred Molina's Doc Ock has a moment of realization. He tells Tom Holland that "you're not Peter Parker." 

This confirms that Alfred Molina's Doc Ock does not know Tom Holland's Peter Parker and is likely more familiar with Tobey Maguire's Peter from the Sam Raimi trilogy. This is such a huge moment for the plot of this film as it points toward these villains from other universes being tied to their respective Spider-Men. 

There is plenty of evidence of these villains not being from the movie universes Sony has worked in before (that being the Raimi and TASM universes). But this moment of Otto Octavius seemingly holding off his attack because Spider-Man is not Tobey Maguire adds an interesting wrinkle to this Multiversal story. 

Doctor Otto Octavius

Doc Ock, MJ, Peter

There is a moment of levity in an intense trailer when Peter, Ned, and MJ seem to poke fun at Doc Ock's name. Peter asks Doc to repeat his name and when he says "Otto Octavius," and Pete and the gang laugh it out at his expense.

This is not the first time Peter has been shaken up by comic book names like this, as he had a similar interaction with Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War. This is also a slight callback to Spider-Man 2, which Alfred Molina starred in back in 2004. "A guy with eight arms named Octavius" is a funny coincidence that would be acknowledged and probably laughed at in the real world. Only in the MCU. 

"We Need To Send Them Back"

Spider-Man, Electro, Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange explains to Peter and his friends that these "visitors" are a threat and they "need to send them back." This shows audiences that these Multiversal villains will be tracked down by Peter and company in order to restore some sort of order in the Multiverse. This is another big question that was answered in the trailer, as fans now know that, somehow, Doctor Strange is aware of these villains and the goal is to send them back to the universe they came from. 

This is highlighted by a shot of Peter in his Black and Gold suit with some sort of Mystic Arts band around his wrist. Perhaps this is a spell that Strange used to allow Peter to get these characters back to where they belong. 

Strange even simplifies it to the group of teens, saying they need to "Scooby-Doo this crap." This means that they need to act as a superhero Mystery Inc. and round up all the bad guys. He says it in such a way that, of course, evokes a reaction from the most transparent person in the MCU, MJ. She says that she knows some magic words herself, staring with "please." This is the perfect kind of confident sarcasm that combats Stephen Strange so well. 

This group dynamic is sure to be a huge part of the comedy of this movie, especially in the opening half. 

The Return of J. Jonah Jameson

J. Jonah Jameson

In a brief shot, fans get their best look yet at the MCU Variant of J. Jonah Jameson, of course, played by J.K. Simmons. This shot is a continuation of confirmation from the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scene that featured the famed Spider-Man journalist as an online news reporter. 

J.K. Simmons and J.J. Jameson's role in all of this may play a huge part in determining the rules of which Variant from which universe fans have met before. But at the least, this will be a pleasant return for an actor/character combo that rivals the Jackmans and Downeys of the works. 

Fate By Spider-Man

Doctor Strange, Doc Ock

Another huge reveal in this trailer is why these villains are being thrust into the MCU and into Tom Holland's Spider-Man story. Strange and Octavius suggest that Peter and his friends are "fighting ghosts" in that all of these characters have died fighting Spider-Man. Strange even goes as far as to say that it is their "fate."

This once again opens up the can of worms that is the rulebook for the Multiverse in the MCU. Through series like Loki and What If...?, fans have gotten a sneak peek of what the Multiverse is and how things become branched. While the rules are still being fleshed out and not absolutely clear, the idea of fate is heavily involved. 

In Loki, audiences learned that there is a predetermined and heavily policed Sacred Timeline that follows a series of events at the approval of He Who Remains. If something happens that branches out of these predetermined circumstances, it is the role of the TVA to correct that mistake. However, at the end of Loki, He Who Remains is killed and replaced by Sylvie, someone who has been a victim of this predetermined destiny and is surely out to pen up the board with free will. This would mean that in Slyvie's Multiverse, anyone can do what they want. 

However, in What If...?, the idea of an Absolute Point was introduced in a Doctor Strange episode where he could not save Christine from dying in that car wreck, no matter how many times he tried. That was an Absolute Point that is essential to the Multiverse and cannot be undone. This is the "fate" idea at work but with some ambiguity, because in the MCU, Christine is alive and well.

What does Strange mean by fate? This is one of the biggest questions going into No Way Home. But the fact that these characters are here because of their Multiversal connection to Spider-Man leads us down the correct path. 

"There Is No Other Way"

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange

Upon learning that the fate of these criminals is to die fighting Spider-Man, Peter seems not to be so on board with this. He shows that by stealing a mysterious box that has been a heavy feature in all promotional material. Peter tries to escape with this box as Strange catches him in a wipe-up and then hits him with a mystical punch that operates Spider-Man from his astral projection, Peter Parker. 

While this is a beautiful visualization of one of the greatest superheroes ever created, it also shows what seems to be the theme of this movie, which is Peter Parker vs. Spider-Man. Having to decide between these Multiversal characters that Strange declares a threat to our universe and the Peter Parkerness of not wanting to kill is a tough decision for the world's youngest hero (for now). 

This also explains the scenes that show Doctor Stange seemingly attacking Peter Parker. Peter seems to be doing everything he can to stop Stephen Strange from correcting the mistake in the Multiverse and sending these characters back by the hand of Spider-Man. These shots were a huge talking point in the trailer, one that has now been boiled down to this scene of Peter attempting to get in Strange's way.

Fans know all too well Strange's willingness to put the greater good above any one person. This movie seems to be testing that, even during the famed scene from trailer one with Peter falling through Christopher Nolan's New York that features the ever-famous mystery box. 

Aunt May & Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan, Peter Parker, Aunt May

There is a sequence in this scene that points to a major loss in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you only want great vibes coming out of this trailer, now is the time to skip to the next section. 

This is a sequence where Peter is attempting to swat away an oncoming pumpkin bomb, and Spidey falls just short. In various shots throughout the trailer, fans can see that the explosion, along with a timed-out lighting bolt attack, destroys this set piece. Those shots primarily include both Aunt May and Happy Hogan. 

The loss of either of these characters would surely be a devastating one for Peter and fans alike. The stakes in this movie have been teased to be as big as ever, and this movie has been reported to go there. Aunt May and Happy Hogan are officially on the hot seat, and the tissues should be passed out with every pair of tickets. 

Doc Ock Tech Upgrade

Doctor Octapus

Later in the trailer, it flashes back to that bridge fight scene between Spider-Man and Doc Ock. This sequence shows Doc Ock's tentacles being wrapped in some Tony Stark-esque tech. This was teased in the previous trailer and had fans wondering if the classic Tony Stark-made villain was in the works. However, the truth might be much more unique than anyone could have imagined. 

Early in this scene, Doc Ock is shown stripping the nano-tech away from the Iron Spidey suit. This shot makes it seem like the Iron Spidey nano-tech has combined with Otto's tentacles and is forming a super octopus location. This is not just a way to up the tech for a 2004 villain but also a way to explain anything being fixed that was previously broken on Octavius, perhaps even the inhibitor chip that turns the evil Doc Ock back into the redeemable Otto Octavius. 

Electro Upgrade


Another character that received an upgrade is Jamie Foxx's Electro. This is the villain that started all the rumors and is finally getting official confirmation that he is in this film. The biggest question is about his appearance and his power compared to the last time he was seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Electro in that franchise is historically panned as an all-blue-skinned electric eel brought to life. 

This trailer shows Foxx as an Electro that has a much more tech-based powerset and abilities. First and foremost, this looks like Jamie Foxx. He has ditched the blue skin as he promised all the way back in August 2020. The powers being changed is interesting because he still seems able to essentially teleport, just like the electrically-based villain in the TASM franchise. 

This is one of the biggest questions coming out of the trailer, as this heavily suggests that these villains are from alternative universes fans have never seen before, despite the evidence pointing the other way. 

Doc Ock: Friend or Foe

Doc Ock

Electro appears again in what seems to be an attack on Doc Ock. The classic Spider-Man 2 villain received a redemption arch in 2004 and left on a high note with fans. He obviously comes into this movie with a renewed bloodlust for Peter Parker. But perhaps the realization of a different universe and the potential fixing of the inhibitor chip by the Iron Spidey nanotech has allowed him to calm down and be the Otto fans know and love. 

This scene of Electro potentially attacking Otto Octavius points to a heel turn for the storied Spidey villain. 

Green Goblin Is Back

Green Goblin

Speaking of storied Spidey villains, the Green Goblin has returned in his full Raimi-suit glory. Willem Defoe has been confirmed to be reprising his classic role as the first-ever live-action Spider-Man villain. Fans see a shot of him in his classic suit and glider early in the trailer appearing from the clouds. This is reminiscent of his appearance on the movie's poster as well. 

Later in the trailer, there is a much clearer shot along with a voice-over dialogue telling Peter Parker he is "struggling to have everything you want. While the world tries to make you choose." This goes back to the perceived theme of the movie being Peter Parker vs. Spider-Man, and Defoe's Goblin will surely be a part of figuring that out. 

Along with the classic shot, much like Molina's Doc Ock costume, there was also a different shot showing a Green Goblin with the same glider but just goggles and no mask. This is more similar to the Electro makeover Jamie Foxx received. This puts the entire "which universe" debate up in the air as fans try to figure out if this is Green Goblin from the Raimi trilogy or a new Goblin they have yet to meet. 

Captain of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

In an MCU that is all about building a world, 25 movies allow fans to get crazy and still make it make sense in-universe. That is never more prevalent than the shot of the Statue of Liberty receiving her own Captain America shield. This is the type of thing that seems silly on paper until you realize that this universe has successfully built Captain America as one of the greatest humans to ever live. 

The Statue of Liberty seems to be the final set piece for this epic film along with the construction structures needed to add the giant shield to the most iconic landmark in America.

This is a homage to Captain America for sure but also a nod to the movie that started this all back in 2000, X-Men. The movie that many call the pilot of the Golden Age of comic book movies also took place on the Statue of Liberty. Full circle. 

Doctor Strange Doubles Down

Doctor Strange

While on the Statue of Liberty, Doctor Strange is seen attempting a spell that has identical visuals to the spell that started this mess at the beginning of the trailer. This spell seems to be connected to the Multiverse and is interesting to see in what is believed to be the climactic final battle of the movie. 

Strange's role throughout this movie is something fans will be keeping their eye on. Because as much as this movie is a tribute to everything Spider-Man, it serves a purpose as the prequel to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The events here are bound to affect the next journey of the Sorcerer Supreme, but to what extent is still unknown. The final shot points to a direct connection. 

Sandman & Lizard Make Five

Sandman, Lizard, Electro

In the trailer's final sequence, fans get their best looks yet at two more iconic Spider-Man villains. Both Sandman from Spider-Man 3 and the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man are alongside Electro, going against Peter Parker in the epic battle that is assumed to be at the end of this movie. 

As far as appearance, the minimal looks at each character point to them being the same ones known from their respective universes. This does not add or subtract from the universe argument much as both characters have a generic look that would be attached to any green lizard or moving pile of sand. Their inclusion in this trailer does pose an interesting question. 

Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, Sandman make up the five villains that are going against Spidey in this movie. Anyone who knows anything Spidey knows that it is one shy of the magic number for a Spider-Man villain cabinet. This trailer omits plenty, and that sixth villain is seemingly one of those things. 

The Epic Shot

Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Spider-Man

This trailer pivots around a shot of Spidey leaping toward the trio of Electro, Sandman, and Lizard in the giant Statue of Liberty construction set piece. This shot is enough to bring a Spidey fan to tears knowing the pure epicness involved in these characters being on screen together. 

This shot will be gifed and memed and screenshotted until the movie comes out. It is that cinematic of a frame. But something about the nature of this shot seems to have piqued the interest of internet sleuths everywhere. The Lizard is the focal point here, as he is clearly heading for something in the frame that is not Tom Holland's Spider-Man. A Brazilian version of this trailer even shows the Lizard getting seemingly kicked in mid-air. 

This would suggest that something has been edited out of this shot in order to save the surprise for theaters. Many believe that this editing was to remove both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. As mentioned before, the epicness of this shot cannot be understood and is worthy of a triple Spider-Man hero moment. 

MJ's Gwen Stacy Moment

MJ, Peter

The most dramatic shot of the trailer is the sequence of MJ, in this final Liberty construction fight, falling to her presumed death as Peter gives chase. As Peter dives through the scaffolding, there is a POV look at MJ falling that is an exact callback to both the Raimi and TASM universes who use this classic Spider-Man shot. Peter reaches out his hand to MJ's and the camera cuts away before meeting. 

This, of course, is a callback to the Death of Gwen Stacy comic book run that was portrayed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This moment is one that brings tension to any movie it has been featured in and is a vintage Spider-Man moment to put into this film. This is surely one of the most anticipated scenes of the movie. 

"They're Starting to Break Through"


The stinger in this trailer is that good old Statue of Liberty scene again, but this time, even more trouble seems to arrive. Doctor Strange is struggling atop the great statue as he proclaims that "they're starting to break through" and that "he cannot stop them." This is said as there appears to be a Multiversal crack in the fabric of the sky. 

Who are they? That is unknown. Whoever it is does not sound like an invited guest to this already crowded brawling party. But the cracks in the sky resemble not just Loki's Multiverse crack but also the same idea in the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie. This scene sets the stage for just how big this movie is going to get, and Strange is right in the middle of it. 

No Way Home, December 17

This movie is becoming a beast of its own, the likes of which have only been seen with Avengers: Endgame. Spider-Man: No Way Home is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated movies of all time, and it is because of trailers like this. The idea of three generations of Spider-Men coming together for one Endgame-level movie is something special. 

This trailer offered many answers and perhaps just as many questions. But one thing is for sure... this movie is going to be a roller coaster. After the trailer, it was announced that tickets go on sale on November 29 or "Spider-Monday." This will be one of the biggest box office attractions of 2021 and could be a movie big enough to reach pre-pandemic numbers. Only time will tell. 

(Keep in mind, there is a blind lawyer still rumored to be in this movie. We are just getting started.)

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