MCU: Anthony Hopkins' Odin Revealed as Marvel Legends Figure

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Odin Anthony Hopkins Thor

Odin — he may be the Allfather, but he's not exactly the best MCU father figure. But to be fair, the franchise doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to father/child relationships anyway. 

Nevertheless, let's take a look at all Odin has done during his tenure as King of Asgard... He conquered thousands of worlds in his prime as a ruthless warmonger, created a monster out of his daughter Hela and banished her to another realm when she became too powerful, and he adopted Loki as an infant to be used as a political tool. Not to mention that Odin was often portrayed as cold, harsh and distant.

With all this in mind, it is surely exciting to hear that MCU fans can have all the fun of the Asgardian Allfather on their display shelves! Hasbro has been on a tear lately with MCU Marvel Legends collectibles, revealing several new figures from various shows and movies.


Hasbro has revealed yet another figure in their Infinity Saga series. Along with an Iron Man/Thanos two-pack, they also unveiled an Odin figure which appears to be based on his first MCU appearance in 2011's Thor

This figure is now available for pre-order here.

Thor Odin Marvel Legends Figure

This 6-inch scale figure comes packed with an alternate, un-helmeted head, swappable hands and Odin's staff. It also features costuming details that are true to the first Thor film and a photorealistic likeness of Sir Anthony Hopkins. 

Thor Odin Marvel Legends Figure

This Hasbro figure is now available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth.


Hasbro continues to crush it with their Marvel Legends reveals; they seem willing to devote more resources to MCU figures in recent years, which was not entirely the case in the franchise's early history. For reference, the wave of figures for the first Avengers film in 2012 didn't even include Black Widow! 

Things are far better now in that regard, with the toy-maker going as far as to manufacture figures of civilian side characters such as Luis from the Ant-Man films. 

Hopefully, Hasbro will continue to produce more Asgardians in Marvel Legends, such as Frigga, the Warriors Three and Heimdall in his golden armor. Odin, having never been made in the Marvel Legends line until now, is certainly a step in the right direction. 

Seven more figures are set to be revealed in this new Infinity Saga series, so fans and collectors will want to keep their eyes peeled.

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