Marvel Reveals New MCU Figure For Thor: Ragnarok's Surtur From Hasbro

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Thor Ragnarok Surtur

Recently, Marvel Legends has been on a roll when it comes to releasing brand-new figures for previous MCU films. In fact, their new line representing the Infinity Saga has birthed figures for Tony and Thanos' last fight, Iron Man Mark III, and even Odin himself. So who could be next?

Not many villains in the MCU have succeeded in their dastardly plots against the heroes going against them. In fact, only three come to mind. First, of course, there's Thanos—wiping half of all existence certainly counts as a win for him. Then there's Zemo, who succeeded in breaking up the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. The third? None other than Surtur, the being responsible for destroying Asgard itself. 

Out of those three villains, two of them already have figures to their name. The missing one? Surtur, the Asgardian destroyer himself. Now fans have the first look at the upcoming Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Figure...


As seen on Entertainment Earth, the Surtur Marvel Legends 6-Inch figure is now up for pre-orders for collectors and anyone else looking to own their very own Surtur. This is the first time that fans have been able to see the figure itself.

The figure is now available for pre-order here, with Hasbro aiming for an August 2021 release.

Closer images of the product can be seen down below:

Marvel, Marvel Legends, Figure, Surtur

The first photo showcases the very well-designed, and visually pleasing, box for the figure—with the fancy Infinity Saga logo front and center.

Marvel, Marvel Legends, Figure, Surtur

The second photo gives a better look at the figure outside the box. The detailing on the Surtur looks especially nice.

Surtur Hasbro Marvel Legends Figure

The third photo showcases the figure in an action pose—clearly the best way to display it.

Marvel, Marvel Legends, Figure, Surtur

The fourth and final photo is a nice close-up shot of Surtur, showcasing an up-close and personal look at the final look of the figure.

This Hasbro figure is now available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth.


Marvel Legends has been on a roll with announcing new figures within their Infinity Saga line -- a line in which clearly Surtur will not be the last of. In fact, there is basically unlimited potential in terms of what future releases could come from it.

The folks over at Marvel Legends haven't been the only ones releasing new content within the brand of the Infinity Saga. LEGO has also had their fair share of reveals—or really moreso leaks at this point. There has been a set depicting Wanda vs. Thanos, an alternate scene with Shuri in a ship, and so much more.

The MCU has not only been a goldmine for collectors in today's day and age, but also for those companies that make the items themselves. The Marvel Universe is so big that there will always be more things that merchandise can pull from, on top of whatever is currently in the spotlight. 

Needless to say, collectors shouldn't have to worry about a shortage of brand-new Marvel memorabilia to add to their collections. 

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