New Moon Knight Disney+ Merch Highlights Oscar Isaac's Hero

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Moon Knight Oscar Isaac MCU Hero

With Hawkeye finally reaching its season finale to close out Marvel Studios' 2021 slate, viewers are now left to wonder which MCU Disney+ show is coming up next. Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight is one contender, with fans having seen a glimpse at what the show has to offer with the first few tidbits of footage on Disney+ Day. The upcoming series is set to be quite different from what the MCU has delved into previously, with rumors suggesting that Moon Knight will be an ultra-violent affair

One of the ways that fans get insight into upcoming Marvel projects is through production gifts for the crew, which often feature telling logos about the respective film or series. For example, a piece of merchandise for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness featured Scarlet Witch's tiara embedded into the Sanctum Sanctorum logo, hinting towards her expanded role in the mind-bending sequel.

Production gifts for The Marvels also gave glimpses at the symbols for the film's three heroes, as well as artwork of the trio teaming up.

Now, Moon Knight has gotten the same treatment.

Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Image Revealed

Via @thescarletprint on Twitter, an image of a new logo for Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight has surfaced online.

The new symbol appears on a production hat from the Disney+ series' stunt team, presumably being posted by one of the crew members.

Moon Knight Logo Cap

The symbol itself inverts Moon Knight's all-white color scheme to cloak him in black, with a crescent moon seemingly made up of bats and spooky flora behind him.

Moon Knight Logo Cap 2


A Spooky Caper on Disney+

While the merch design is difficult to make out completely, the presence of some sinister imagery could be quite telling for what fans can expect from Moon Knight.

The presumed bats and dying plantlife could be reflective of the mythic destinations this show will go to literally or metaphorically or it could be representative of Marc Spector's fractured or decaying mental state.

This is also solid confirmation that Moon Knight's costume will be taking heavy cues from the comics, incorporating the pointed hood and beady eyes. Fans previously got a small glimpse at Spector's all-white costume, but this design should comfort those wondering how closely the MCU's suit would align with its original look.

With filming wrapped and post-production well underway, it's only a matter of time before fans get to see even more of what Moon Knight has in store.

Moon Knight arrives on Disney+ in 2022.

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