New Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster Debunks Green Goblin Theory

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Despite remaining decidedly hush on certain aspects of the film, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have started to roll out a few more details about Spider-Man: No Way Home in the leadup to its December 17, 2021 release.

In addition to the movie's second trailer, several TV spots and teasers have unveiled new footage including a conversation between Doc-Ock and Doctor Strange. An official piece of No Way Home merchandise also seems to feature Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man suit, alluding to his potential appearance in the film.

Posters-a-plenty have also been released, two of which feature Spidey and the Sorcerer Supreme teaming up against the Multiversal threats that await. The international poster was also revealed, featuring new looks at the Lizard, Electro, and the Green Goblin.

The latter of the villainous trio is particularly notable, as it appears that Norman Osborn will indeed be bringing a new look to No Way Home.

The Green Goblin's Second Costume

Spider-Man: No Way Home International Poster

Spider-Man: No Way Home received its first official international poster, which provided new looks at Doctor Strange, MJ, Jamie Foxx's Electro, and the Lizard. 

Also featured on the poster is Norman Osborn, albeit with a brand new costume.

Green Goblin's new costume in No Way Home

Instead of his classic emerald Green Goblin suit, Osborn dons a muted costume fitted with a hood and goggles. The villain also has a satchel for his pumpkin bombs, in addition to new raised gauntlets and a brand new Goblin Glider with neon green lights.

The Green Goblin No Way Home trailer shot

This version of the suit was previously seen in No Way Home's second trailer, which showed that many of the costume's greener elements will remain in spite of what the poster may suggest. This may indicate that the second outfit is an amalgamation of the Green Goblin's initial suit with whatever scraps of tech that he can repurpose after receiving some battle damage.

Some had believed that this shot actually depicted Dane Dehaan's version of the Green Goblin or even James Franco's New Goblin due to the similarities in appearance, though this poster debunks these theories.

Green Goblin First Suit

The Green Goblin has mostly been marketed with his original Sam Raimi suit thus far, so it is interesting that Sony and Marvel have decided to confirm Osborn's second suit ahead of No Way Home's release.

Why Osborn Will Have Two Suits in No Way Home

Though there's always the very slim chance that they could still appear in some other form, this poster outright debunks any theories proposing that Dane Dehaan or James Franco were the individuals under the hood. 

Osborn's ramshackle second suit looks to be bodged together from an assortment of parts, possibly coming about after Norman sustains a hefty loss at the hands of Spider-Man. As the Green Goblin is still wearing his classic suit during the bridge scene, it's possible that Spidey damages Norman's original costume in battle which forces the villain to do some makeshift repairs. As the original Sam Raimi suit has some notable upgrades for No Way Home though, it looks like this shouldn't be a problem for ol' Norman.

Outside of the MCU, it's a bit unclear as to why this change was made, as the suit doesn't appear to resemble any comic book costumes that would please fans. Marvel and Sony may have chosen to opt for this design to give Willem Dafoe more screen time, allowing him to be visible while still in the suit.

Fans can find out just why Osborn needs two suits when Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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