WandaVision Connects To Agatha Harkness 'Children' Scene From Marvel Comics

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Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision

Following weeks of questions surrounding WandaVision's big bad, "Breaking the Fourth Wall" finally broke the silence on the series' mysterious villain.

For the time being, Mephisto it is not, as Agatha Harkness took center stage after masquerading as Wanda's nosy neighbor Agnes up until now. It seems that the reveal was telegraphed from the beginning, especially considering that Agnes has been living in the same witchy household from the '60s sitcom Bewitched.

Agnes was also notably missing an alter ego in "We Interrupt This Program," another hint towards her running the show. Also adding to the evidence was the tiger imagery from "On This Very Special Episode," which could hint towards what Agnes has in store for Tommy and Billy Maximoff.

In fact, with Agatha Harkness' true MCU introduction, Marvel Studios chose to parallel a significant comic book moment in the character's history that involved the Scarlet Witch's twin boys.


In "Episode 7" of WandaVision, Agnes brings Wanda into her home after a heated confrontation with Monica Rambeau. Upon noticing that her boys are missing, the Scarlet Witch asks her neighbor: "Where are the twins?" Agnes dismisses Wanda's concerns, saying "Oh, they're probably just playing in the basement."

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This appears to be a callback to the comic book storyline Avengers: Disassembled, where Scarlet Witch confronts Agatha Harkness by screaming "Tell me where my children are!" Prior to this in Marvel Comics, Wanda had lost Tommy and Billy, prompting Agatha to wipe Wanda's memory of them in order to spare her from the pain of losing them. 

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The storyline that's supposedly referenced here does not end well for Agatha Harkness, as Nick Fury would later find her corpse sometime after the witches' encounter. But what's odd is that Agatha is mostly acting in good faith in this Marvel Comics moment. This serves as an interesting parallel to one of Agatha's comic book moments. WandaVision seems to have retooled the character as the show's primary antagonist, which completely flips the script when paying homage to this comic moment. 

If WandaVision is creating a loose adaptation of this moment and the events that follow, it could suggest that Wanda's kids aren't alright.

In the comics, Tommy and Billy were revealed to be created from fragments of Mephisto's soul, causing them to disappear after the devilish villain's return. Agatha seems to be conjuring some sort of plan with the children of Westview — particularly with Wanda's twin boys. Perhaps Marvel Studios will go full comic-book-mode and have Agatha subject the twins to a cruel fate at the hands of Mephisto.

The reference to the comic could be an indication as to what Wanda may be prepared to do against Agatha if she has to suffer yet another loss. Fans already know that the Scarlet Witch is powerful, but it still seems likely that the full extent of Wanda powers have yet to be seen. 

"Episode 7" of WandaVision is streaming now on Disney+.

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