WandaVision Easter Egg Connects Kathryn Hahn's Agnes To Bewitched

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Before WandaVision went into the real world and showed exactly what was happening outside Westview, Marvel Studios exclusively utilized the shooting styles and sets of classic American sitcoms for their first Disney+ series. Through five episodes thus far , four of the reported six decades have been utilized by paying tribute to everything from I Love Lucy to The Brady Bunch to Growing Pains .

In Phase 4's infancy, Marvel Studios is already reaffirming their enthusiasm for Easter Eggs through the course of nearly three hours of content to this point. This includes everything from callbacks to classic Marvel comics all the way to references to Walt Disney's long history and a regular Pixar Studios nod .

Another Easter Egg has just been discovered, which should bring a smile to fans that have been paying close attention to this show since it first debuted last month.


A post from Twitter user @vizwandamaximof pointed out that one of the houses in Episode 5 of WandaVision is the exact same house used in the set for the 1960s-'70s sitcom Bewitched . This is the house in front of which Agnes is standing when she finds Sparky dead, although it's unclear whether it's Agnes' house.


Wanda Maximoff approached the house her twin sons, Billy and Tommy before realizing that Agnes was in the bushes.

Bewitched house​​​​​​

The actual house is located on a studio lot, specifically on Blondie Street at the Warner Bros. Ranch Facilities in Los Angeles, CA. Surrounding it are other houses that have been used for a number of other movie and TV productions.


Here's a full front view of the house from a scene in Bewitched (1964-1972).


The exterior of the mock house has since been updated in the years between Bewitched and WandaVision.


While it's unclear if this specific house is where Agnes lives in WandaVision , there are some suspicious points to take note of with this scene.

Rumors have pointed to Agnes being a cover for Agatha Harkness, which is pushed even further by the fact that she's in front of the house from Bewitched while this scene takes place. It's also still unclear if she was the one who killed Sparky, which could be another indication of some secret magical abilities later on in the series.

As for the house itself, this is the second reference to the classic sitcom Bewitched after it served as inspiration for Episode 2, entitled "Don't Touch That Dial." It makes sense why this show is so influential on WandaVision , especially considering that the main character is the Scarlet Witch, and Marvel Studios is clearly leaning heavily into surrounding Elizabeth Olsen with as much magic as possible.

With two specific Bewitched nods in the show so far, it will be exciting to find out if any more make their way into the plot. WandaVision will continue when Episode 6 premieres on Disney+ on Friday, February 12.

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