Sandra Bullock Breaks Silence on Marvel Cast Rumors

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to bring together a whole host of heroes, villains, and supporting characters from Peter Parker's history, culminating in an event on the level of Avengers: Endgame

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios recently released a brand-new trailer confirming even more adversaries joining the film, from the likes of the Green Goblin in his classic emerald armor and Electro in an all-new suit potentially powered by Stark tech. New scenes of Sandman and the Lizard were also shown off in additional teasers that have followed since, with fans getting their best look yet at the reptilian Curt Connors.

With past Spider-Men, Daredevil, and, at one point, previous love interests also potentially being crammed in, fans are still wondering who else could appear in the Spider-Man threequel.

Fan art depicted Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock as Madame Web, sparking conversations as to whether the actress could show up in the Sony-produced solo film or even No Way Home.

Now, Bullock has responded to these rumblings herself and whether Marvel Studios ever approached her at all.

Sandra Bullock Reacts to Madame Web Rumors

Madame Web comics

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Gravity and Birdbox actress Sandra Bullock was asked about several Spider-Man-related rumors and online discussions, including whether she was set to make an appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Bullock joked that if her son had heard the rumor, she would be able to get him to do a lot more household chores:

"You know what, if that were a rumor that my son had heard... Do you know how much I would get him to do in the house?"

After being told that she was rumored to be portraying the comic book character Madame Web and informed of the villain's psychic superpowers, Bullock became excited by the prospect and thought that she "would be amazing with, like, the psychic-ness."

The actress was then asked whether she was simply being coy about a potential appearance in the Spider-Man threequel, to which Bullock emphatically stated, "I am not!"

When asked whether Marvel Studios had ever approached her about an MCU appearance, Bullock claimed that she doesn't "think [she's] Marvel material" and has "never been approached by Marvel."

Although Marvel hasn't asked the Academy Award-winning actress to join the likes of Thor and Spider-Man, Bullock did mention that she was "approached for something that wasn't Marvel but [her] son said not to do it." The actress wouldn't say what property the film was for but did confirm that it was not a DC project as well as her reaction to the movie when it actually released:

"It was kind of, you know, not in the place that Louis felt I should be... and he was actually right. I saw it when it came out and I went 'Ooh, that's unfortunate.'"

Is Sandra Bullock in No Way Home?

Interestingly, online discussion about Sandra Bullock possibly portraying Madame Web was not sparked by a rumor but fan art that depicted the actress in the role.

Therefore, this adds credence to Bullock telling the truth here, since there have been no rumblings that have directly tied the actress to the project or to No Way Home. On top of this, Madame Web's inclusion would only make Spider-Man's third solo outing even more crowded, considering how much it already has to juggle.

It is surprising that Bullock has yet to be approached by Marvel Studios, considering her prestige as an actress in both dramatic and action-packed roles. Despite claiming that she's not "Marvel material," starring roles in films like GravitySpeedOcean's 8Demolition Man, and more prove that Bullock has the chops for the MCU, not to mention her countless awards and accolades.

But who knows? Perhaps Bullock's enthusiasm towards Madame Web here will be just what the actress needs for Marvel and Sony to come knocking at her door.

Spider-Man: No Way Home premieres in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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