The Batman Post-Credits Explained: The Ridder's Rataalada Puzzle Solved

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The Batman has finally been released worldwide, allowing fans to experience Robert Pattinson's fresh take on the Caped Crusader of Gotham. Pitting the Dark Knight against the psychotic threat of the Riddler, this latest installment in the revival of the Batman universe excels through its compelling characters, standout direction, gorgeous cinematography, and intriguing narrative.

Now audiences are left to pick the film apart to decipher just where the franchise is headed next, with the inclusion of a particular villain potentially hinting at what could take place in a potential sequel.

Outside of the film itself, talk has been focused on the Court of Owls taking center stage in a future storyline, or even a grounded version of Mr. FreezeThe Batman's universe will also continue on the smaller screen too, with an Arkham Asylum-centric series set to push the film's narrative further.

One aspect of the film that may have left some viewers scratching their heads is the post-credits scene, which amounted to a quick tease of a URL. Here's just what it all means, and how to solve The Riddler's final riddle.

The Batman's Post-Credits Scene

The Riddler Symbol

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Batman.

The Batman's post-credits scene ends up being a quick flash of a website: The URL itself is a reference to the website Batman visits in the film, translating to the "rat with wings."

Going to the site greets the user with a green question mark, before launching into a series of riddles to solve. 

Before getting started, the Riddler begins by asking if you would like to proceed with his game. To get involved with his madness, enter "Y."

Riddler Question

How to Solve The Batman's Rataalada URL

From this point onwards, the Riddler can present you with an array of riddles to solve. The order seems to be random, with different users getting different questions each time they view the site. Some are trickier than others, but luckily all the answers that are needed can be found below.

Be warned that the Riddler will try to taunt you with various digs if you click off the screen or tab out:

"Searching for the answer, are we? Cheaters always reveal themselves."

"Using your mind is more rewarding than looking up the answer. Try it sometime."

"Those who take shortcuts will never win."

Try not to let him get to your head. Here are the questions and answers:









The Riddler's Prize

Once fans complete these riddles, the page prompts users to click on a link to receive your well-deserved prize. This downloads a file with a password, titled Thomas_Wayne_Lies.mp4. To unlock the contents, enter the password "promise."

Inside is a video containing footage from the Riddler's public message to Gotham City about Thomas Wayne. This version of the video omits his voiceover and replaces it with the same music used at the start of the film as he spies on Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.'s family. Audio can be heard of the Riddler's uncomfortable breathing, though.

The video starts off with Thomas Wayne's campaign for Mayor:

Thomas Wayne for Mayor

This cuts to a not-so-subtle reference to the Batman comics villain Hush, over more footage of Thomas Wayne:

Hush Riddler Easter egg

A banner for Thomas Wayne's mayoral campaign is also displayed:

Thomas Wayne for Mayor

The video ends with a cryptic look at the Riddler's logo:

The Riddler Symbol

The Riddler's Refresh

After refreshing the page, users are asked a follow-up question: "Do you think Thomas Wayne is a great man? Y/N." The reward is the same, but the Riddler's response will change depending on the answer provided. If users are in favor of Bruce's father and enter "Y", the Riddler will warn them against trusting in the former billionaire philanthropist:

"Beware of absolute power. It corrupts unconditionally."

If they align more with the Riddler's ideology and enter "N," then he'll share a more pleased response:

"You're right to be untrusting of the rich and powerful. All who think they are great always hide secrets."

Another reward is presented through a click, which redirects to an image of a coded message in the Riddler's cipher.

Riddler Cipher

Using the cipher found by Mr Sunday Movies, this message can be translated:

The Riddler's Cipher
Mr Sunday Movies

Unfortunately, the hidden message isn't anything too revealing, simply translating to: "Maze of riddles." 

Refreshing the page a second time unfortunately does nothing. The Riddler does tease to "keep your eyes peeled for [his] return," which may hint at more riddles to come. But the puzzle doesn't end there...

The Riddler's on Mobile!

Not only is the Riddler a streamer, but he is also enough of a tech whiz to optimize his website for mobile. Entering the website on a phone actually produces a completely different experience. The site will begin by pretending to reroute users' devices, before providing a link – no riddle-solving required.

The Riddler Rerouting

Clicking on the link reveals an even longer coded message, which can also be translated.

Riddler Message

The message translates as follows:

"You think I'm finished but perhaps you don't know the full truth.

Every ending is a new beginning.

Something is coming."

Could this be a tease at The Batman's inevitable sequel? Or has the Riddler gone even more insane than he previously was? The answer could reveal itself soon. has actually been around for a few months as part of The Batman's marketing campaign, constantly being updated with new riddles and clues for the ongoing mystery.

It's very possible that Warner Bros. will continue to add to the site, meaning that more riddles may just be over the horizon.

The Batman is out in theaters now.

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