The Riddler's Mystery Code from The Batman Trailer Might Have Already Been Solved

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The Riddler, The Batman trailer card

Matt Reeves' The Batman made a statement during DC FanDome by providing fans with various surprises, ultimately capped off by the film's first trailer. Even though Reeves and the rest of the crew shot only 25% of footage, the trailer was still jam-packed with reveals. 

Just like any other trailer, fans have been hard at work when it comes to dissecting every major detail that was shown. The footage highlights Robert Pattinson's unique take of the Dark Knight persona while also laying the groundwork for the iconic characters that will be joining him such as Zoe Kravitz' Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright's Jim Gordon, and a potential glimpse at the film's main villain, Paul Dano's Riddler. 

Throughout the trailer, there were a lot of clues and mysterious symbols that Riddler left behind for Batman to decipher. It remains to be seen how all of this plays out in the film, but an eagle-eyed fan may have uncovered an integral answer to the mystery. 


Twitter user Drew Lane revealed that he might've solved the mystery code that the film's villain, The Riddler, has been leaving behind during the trailer of The Batman:

The Riddler's Mystery Code from The Batman
The Riddler's Mystery Code from The Batman

Meanwhile, the fan shared how he cracked the code, and it involves some pretty good analysis. 


From the get-go, Reeves has already confirmed that The Batman will dive into the detective skill set of the hero, and the film's trailer gave an emphasis on that aspect upfront. As evidenced by the meticulous breakdown of the fan, it seems that this approach has also made fans a detective of their own. 

It remains to be seen how "He Lies Still" will factor into the overall narrative, but it drives home the point that The Riddler seems to have a personal vendetta against the Caped Crusader. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse at the card that was given by the Riddler to the Batman mentioned that the former is a "secret friend" to the latter.

The Riddler's Letter for Batman
The Riddler's Letter for Batman (Source: The Batman trailer)

It will be very interesting to find out if the Riddler knows the true identity of the hero, or he could just be playing mind games with Gotham's protector. Still, with majority of the film has yet to be shot, it's a safe bet that more details will emerge soon about the motivation of the Riddler behind the killings in Gotham and hatred to Batman.

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